How to replace the fuel line on a Vespa ET4 scooter

How to replace the fuel line on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Change annually to prevent fuel line cracking and leaking

The fuel line on the Vespa ET4 is notorious for cracking and leaking gasoline. The heat from the exhaust system causes the stock fuel line to become brittle and crack over time.

If you are finding mysterious puddles of gasoline on the garage floor, it might be a good time to inspect your fuel line. Many times the hairline cracks are not visible until after the fuel line is replaced.

When changing the fuel line on your Vespa ET4, consider upgrading the stock fuel line to a higher quality Tygon tubing rated for carrying fuel. It will resist degradation by gasoline/ethanol fuel blends and will tolerate the high heat conditions.


Step 1

Order fuel line

It takes a minimum of 18 inches of 3/16 inch Tygon fuel line for the Vespa ET4. Tygon fuel line can be ordered from online scooter shops or from your local scooter or motorcycle shop.

Step 2

Disconnect current fuel line from the carburetor

Disconnect the current fuel line from where it attaches to the carburetor. You will need to remove the cover of the electric choke to gain access to the carburetor fuel inlet. Be careful with the fuel line clip if you wish to reuse it. Once the fuel line is removed, the fuel line may leak gasoline if the fuel tap is failing. Have a few paper towels and a container handy in case they are needed.

Step 3

Disconnect the current fuel line from the fuel tap

The fuel tap is located underneath the gas tank. Slip the clip back that is holding the fuel line to the fuel tap and remove the fuel line. The fuel line is the upper hose connected to the fuel tap.

Step 4

Connect the new fuel line

Connect the new fuel line to the fuel tap. Secure it with the fuel line clip. Then, connect the other end to the carburetor. Secure the fuel line with a fuel line clip.

Step 5

Consider adding an in-line fuel filter

Nothing is more frustrating than when fuel impurities reach the jets in your Vespa ET4 carburetor. The scooter will start hesitating and losing power when the impurity clogs one of the jets. An inexpensive in-line fuel filter can be purchased from an auto part store for around $2 US. It can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

Things Needed
• 18 inches 3/16″ (8mm) Tygon fuel line.
• 4 8mm fuel line clips

Tips & Warnings
• Gasoline is extremely flammable. Do not smoke or have an open flame around gasoline.
• If the fuel tap on the ET4 is failing, gasoline will leak from the tap once the old fuel line is removed.


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