How to deal with opportunists at work

How to deal with opportunists at work

We call them parasites at work. They are the people who take advantage to your kindness and think that you will not react to what they are doing. An opportunist is a person who likes asking you for something. It starts with small things like staple wires, bond paper, paste then it becomes more and more until one day your office mate will be asking financial assistance from you.

It is not bad to share what you have or to extend some help to someone in need but if you see that a person is just like you who has work and you know that he/she could afford what you could afford then you should do something about it. Opportunists use other people to have their way with something. They don’t care whom they are hurting and they don’t care about other people’s feelings.

There are people who take advantage of your kindness and here are some tips on how to handle opportunists at work.

Be kind but not too much

It is right to be kind especially to people who are close to you but if that someone is taking advantage of your kindness then you have to stop being too kind. Show that you are kind but you will not permit abusive actions from other people. If your friend borrows money from you, lend him/her but you have to set limitations. Never let borrowed money unpaid if you know that the person who borrowed it could pay on time.

Share what you have but set limitations

Sharing is good but if you observe that your co-worker is taking advantage of your kindness then it is not bad to set limitations. You can tell your co-worker frankly that you need what he/she is asking from you and you cannot share it because it is just enough for your need. If that person insists, then it’s time to tell him/her frankly that he/she should bring things that he/she needs at work.

Learn to say no

An opportunist will stop taking advantage of you if you learn to say no. If your office mate takes advantage of you because he/she knows that you are a person who never says no then it’s time you show that you are not to be taken advantaged of by saying no. If your co-worker asks you a favor to make a report because he/she is very busy with his/her family who has a problem, you can do it for your co-worker if it is very seldom but if it is often then you have to learn how to say no.

Talk to the opportunist

Talking is always a very effective way of expressing how you feel to someone. If you encounter an opportunist at work and you find him/her already abusive, you have to talk to that person and make things clear. You don’t have to get angry because it will make things worse but you have to handle it very professionally and talk to the person as calm as you can. You will find out that opportunists could also be kind and they could even become your friends.

Opportunists will take advantage of you if you allow them to but if you set your rules and don’t allow them to take advantage of your kindness, you could easily handle them.


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