How to show customers you care

How to show customers you care

It’s often the little things that will let customers know that you and your business care. A little customer appreciation goes a long way to keep people as a long-term customer and ultimately a driving force behind your business’s success.

How do you show customers that you care? The following are five suggestions you can immediately implement in your business to keep customers for life through excellent service and appreciation.

Suggestion: Give back to customers through rewards

Customers that have been with your business time and time again should occasionally be rewarded for their dedication. Rewarding your employees is a great way to say thank you and give them an additional incentive to come back for their next purchase.

Suggestion: Share their experience with everyone else

Customers love to know that they’ve been thanked publicly which is why you should share a customer’s experience with everyone else through your email newsletter, website or blog. A simple act of letting others know what a customer thinks will give the impression that they are important in which they will want to tell others as well.

Suggestion: Always be there for them through customer support Businesses that don’t follow up with their customers make the impression that they don’t care about their business or appreciate and respect their customer interaction. Instead of doing what most businesses do by pushing customers away, your business should invite customers in and always provide legendary support to build trust and gratitude.

Suggestion: Remember their birthday and other information

Not every business will keep track of a customers birthday but with a little bit of conversation you can find out important dates (such as a birthday) in which you can later send a personalized thank you note to them that also wishes them a happy birthday.

Suggestion: Go above-and-beyond on a regular basis

Every customer that comes through the doors should be treated with great respect and gratitude. Go above-and-beyond every time you deal with a customer and you will show that you care for their business.


The common idea behind each of the suggestions mentioned in this article is to just be helpful and caring to the customer as you would with a family member or friend. You must always remember that you’re dealing with another human at the other end – they have hopes, dreams and feelings just as you do; don’t hurt them, always show that you care.


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