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How to set the time and date on a computer

Being able to glance down and quickly see what the time or date is can help you keep your day on track. Most people find that when they are working on a computer, or especially when they are playing on a computer, they tend to lose track of time very quickly. Unfortunately, from time to time,... More

How to make your computer faster

How to increase your computers speed and performance Your old computer is crawling along like the proverbial turtle, how can you make it sprint like a Rabbit? Here we will cover a number of steps that will either cost nothing or a small amount depending on: Will my computer still be slow after... More

How to create special computer characters with your keyboard

A special feature that all computer operating systems have incorporated into them is a feature that's known as specialized characters. These characters are all based on specific font sets in the system, and may be created in a couple of different ways. Even though they aren't listed on the... More

How to retrofit computer memory (RAM)

Computer low on memory, slow to calculate, let's add RAM Your desktop seems to be lacking horsepower. I have tried: Cleaning the disk Defragging the disk Cleaning the dust and gunk from "under the bonnet" Checking the status of my disk for available space I am still frustrated because it takes... More

How to create a new user in windows

The reasons why it is a good idea to create a New User on your computer (even your home computer) is to be able to limit access or give full access to other users that want to use the computer. This is handy if you have private files you do not want anyone to see or important files that you do... More

How to enable or disable the Windows XP firewall

The actual purpose of a firewall is to protect your computer from outside sources being able to connect to your computer. The firewall acts as a blocker to foreign parties trying to enter your computer via the internet or network unless you have specifically enabled them to, by creating a... More

How to find your Windows XP registry key

This 'How To' guide is designed to show you how to find your Windows XP Registry Keygen. It is important that you have the Windows XP Keygen so that you can activate your XP package. If your computer crashes and you have to re-install the XP package you will need your Keygen to activate it... More

How to install a computer hard disk

Disk storage required for photos and videos So your computer has finally run out of disk storage. You have tried all the no cost methods like; Defrag tool, a windows utility. Clean disk, a windows utility. Deleted duplicate files. Removed bloat e.g. freeware programs that are never used. You... More

How to create a system restore point on your computer

Creating a system restore point is a wonderful function that your computer has to safe guard your software, files and programs that are stored on your hard drives. Should your computer crash and you loose an important file or piece of software or an important document has been corrupted or your... More

How to turn off menu browser URL listings

If you get annoyed by the URL listings that automatically appear every time you type a new website address into your browser address bar this 'How To' will show you how to disable the automatic showing of websites you have previously visited. There are many reasons that a user would want to... More