How to set the time and date on a computer

Being able to glance down and quickly see what the time or date is can help you keep your day on track.
How to set the time and date on a computer

Most people find that when they are working on a computer, or especially when they are playing on a computer, they tend to lose track of time very quickly. Unfortunately, from time to time, your computer’s time and date feature becomes incorrect. This is especially frustrating if you’ve come to rely on it and you don’t know how to correct it. Fortunately, it is a very easy problem to fix by following the steps listed below.


Things Needed
• computer
• clock to refer to for actual time
• calendar to check correct date

Tips & Warnings
• The shifts for daylight savings time is done automatically by the software and should not need to be changed manually.
• If you are still having problems with your time, check that your time zone is set correctly. You can find this in the same pop up box that you fixed your clock and date in under the tab ‘Time Zones’.


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