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How to write a Shakespearean sonnet

Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet William Shakespeare, one of the most renowned of all English writers lived during the second half of the sixteenth century. He was a famous poet and play-writer and was instrumental in creating the form of poetry called the Sonnet. Between the years 1592 to 1598,... More

How to create a protagonist for creative writing

Developing the protagonist When you want to write a short story or novel, you need to think about the main character, the protagonist. Do you want the protagonist to be female or male? What kind of protagonist will he or she be? Will your protagonist be a private investigator, detective, amateur... More

How to create writing prompts

Creative writing prompts Do you have trouble coming up with an idea for a short story, book, or article? If you do, you might benefit from reading this guide. You will learn about writing prompts and how to create them. A writing prompt is something that will help you to create a short story,... More

How to be happy at Christmas

What is happiness? Being happy in general is something that many people around the world want to know, but especially at Christmas. Since Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of celebration. What is happiness? There is no doubt that happiness is a state of mind, but how that particular state... More

How to develop your creative writing skills

Writing creatively Do you have a desire to develop your creative writing skills? If you do, this guide will help you learn how to organize your writing area, gather some ideas, and how to create a theme and settings for your stories. Once you lean how to write creatively, you'll have plenty of... More

How to write meaningful love poetry

What does your love poetry mean to you and others? 'How to write meaningful love poetry', is a question, that even the most experienced and prolific love poet may ask. It would seem that almost anyone can write poetry, or even different kinds of love poetry, but writing... More

How to write a character sketch

Creating Fictional Characters When you prepare to write a short story or novel, it is important for you to create realistic characters. In this guide, you will learn how to create a character sketch of your protagonist. Creating a character sketch, which is an outline for your protagonist or... More

How to write good poetry

Tips to writing good poetry Just like music, poetry is the language of the soul, an expression of the poet's sentiments, impression, outlook or just voice. While most may consider poetry to be subjective, it can still stand out as appealing and impressive to a vast majority just as Shakespeare's,... More

How to write a children’s mystery chapter book

Writing children's books Writing children's chapter books can be a challenge especially if you write other types of books because you have to change your vocabulary and sentence structure so that children can read chapter books easier than trying to pick up a book for older audiences. For this... More