How to be happy at Christmas

What is happiness?

Being happy in general is something that many people around the world want to know, but especially at Christmas. Since Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of celebration.

What is happiness? There is no doubt that happiness is a state of mind, but how that particular state of mind is achieved, remains somewhat of a mystery.

Seek happiness and you will find it.


Step 1

Learn the true meaning of Christmas

Christmas can mean many different things to people. Perhaps, for some it only means a time of family get-togethers, or a special celebration involving family members. Perhaps it is designated as a time for friends and parties. Maybe it is centred all around Santa Claus and the Christmas story. There is no such thing as a wrong reason to celebrate Christmas, but there is a higher meaning and signification to be discovered.

Step 2

Put Christ back into Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is centred around the the birth, life, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Putting Christ back into Christmas, reveals its true significance. Perhaps the simplest way to learn about Jesus, is to begin with the story of His birth. The original version of that story is found in the Bible. There are also many children’s books that tell about the Christmas miracle. Reading this account to children or to the elderly, may help put Christ back into their Christmas and bring new joy into their Christmas celebration.

Step 3

Focus on love as your central theme for Christmas

Christmas reveals the ultimate gift of God’s love. God gave His Son, Jesus, to us and thus we, in turn, give gifts to others, to celebrate Christmas. It is in giving that we receive. Happiness is just one of the gifts that we receive, at Christmas time, when we give gifts to others. it is not so much the actual give that we give, but rather the spirit of giving that accompanies the giving of the gift. Gifts can be many different, sizes shapes and colours. They can mean different things to different people. Giving an appropraite gift is always important too.

Step 4

Begin to exchange gifts with others

Everyone has a gift of one kind or another, that he or she can give to others. The giving of gifts, brings happiness to others, but also to us. In other words, making others happy, makes us happy too. Perhaps the gift that is given, is as simple as a plate of home-made cookies or fudge. Maybe the gift is that of helping a neighbour who is in need, with a special Christmas hamper. Perhaps it involves knitting a scarf or a pair of mittens for someone. Maybe there is a driveway to shovel or some salt that is needed on a sidewalk. Even a Christmas tree might need to be decorated. Share the joy of Christmas with others.

Things Needed
• The correct understanding of the true meaning of Christmas
• The Christmas spirit
• A good sense of humour
• The ability to enjoy the holiday season
• Time to spend with those you love
• A heart for others
• The desire to help the less fortunate
• A notebook or diary to document what you have found out about how to be happy at Christmas, so that you can share it with others

Tips & Warnings
• Others may not understand the true meaning of Christmas, so you may have to show it to them by what you say or do, in order to make them happy..
• Commercialism may appear to be central at Christmas time, but it is not what makes people happy. It is people that are important. Everyone needs to know that they are loved.
• Someone who is loved is likely to be happy too.
• People everywhere may celebrate Christmas differently, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. If they know that you enjoy the way that they celebrate Christmas, it will make them happy too.
• Using the terminology ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ may appear to be politically correct, but it may not bring happiness to you or others. In fact, it may confuse them, if they know that you are a Christian.


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