How to create a protagonist for creative writing

Developing the protagonist

When you want to write a short story or novel, you need to think about the main character, the protagonist. Do you want the protagonist to be female or male? What kind of protagonist will he or she be? Will your protagonist be a private investigator, detective, amateur detective, or who?

You will learn how to develop your protagonist in this guide, and how to make him or her realistic so readers can relate to the main character.

The picture in this section illustrates a hand with art on it. The hand is in an art book. However, you can use the idea of a hand to write your protagonist’s character traits and develop a different type of book instead of an art book.

You will learn how to do that by reading this guide.


Step 1

Creating your protagonist’s outward appearance

The picture above illustrates art on a hand that is in an art journal, which is an interesting idea. You can use the idea of the hand and create a journal for creating a protagonist.

For example, on the palm of the hand, you can write a specific characteristic such as outward appearance. Then, you can write specific characteristics on each finger: color of hair, color of skin, color of eyes, physical stature, race, male or female, or others. If you need to use two or hands, you can.

When you have completed the hands, you will have a better idea of how to start developing your character’s outward appearance.

On another sheet of paper, you can write the title at the top, and then you can write each of the elements on the fingers with enough space in between to write the description of each one.

By having things written down like this, you can refer to this sheet when it’s time to write the summary of your character.

Step 2

Creating your protagonist’s inward personality

You can use the hand in this step like you did in step one.

For example, on the palm, you can write the word: inward personality. Then for each finger, you can write emotions, skills, religious beliefs, or any other aspect that you want to write. You can also use more than one hand.

When you have your hands completed, you can start writing out more information. You need a sheet of paper or a spiral notebook so you can keep all of your notes together. At the top of the page, you can write inward personality. Then, you can write all of the words you have on the fingers. However, you need to remember to put enough space in between each one so you can add the information you want for each element.

After you have finished your writing, you need to keep it handy so you can locate it when you are ready to write a synopsis of your character.

Step 3

Personal Life

You need to develop your protagonist’s personal life. You can write personal life on the palm, and then on the fingers, you can write education, occupation, hobbies, pets, and other information. You can also use more than one hand to write down more ideas.

After you have written down the information on the hand and fingers, you can take a sheet of paper or a spiral notebook and write personal life at the top. Then, you will write the information and leave enough space, so you can fill in the specific information under each topic.

When you have everything written out, you need to save it so you can have it handy when you are ready to write your synopsis of your protagonist.

Step 4

Writing your summary

You need to have your notes that you have taken on the protagonist so far. As you look at the notes, you need to think about the character you have created so far and start writing a summary.

After you have finished writing your summary, you need to go back through it and make sure that you have written everything you wanted to include. You also need to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors as well as sentence and paragraph structure.

When you have corrected your mistakes, you need to make sure your protagonist has become realistic, so readers can visualize your character.

Now, that you have created your protagonist, you need to use the same procedure to create your villain and any minor characters you want to include.

Things Needed
• Pens
• White Outs
• Spiral notebook
• Computer and printer

Tips & Warnings
• Create your outline of your characters and keep it with you when you are ready to write your short story or novel


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