How to create writing prompts

Creative writing prompts

Do you have trouble coming up with an idea for a short story, book, or article? If you do, you might benefit from reading this guide. You will learn about writing prompts and how to create them.

A writing prompt is something that will help you to create a short story, article, or a book. Sometimes writers need to be prompted with a sentence or two or some idea that will suddenly spark a light in their mind, and they have the perfect idea.

If you teach school, you might find this guide helpful because you could use some writing prompts to encourage students to write by giving them a writing prompt.

In the picture, you see several pieces of paper. You can take those papers and write different ideas for short stories, articles, or books. This will help you when you need some ideas.


Step 1

Writing prompts

Writing prompts are ideas that help writers overcome writer’s block. Writers can take these ideas and build on them.

Teachers can also give their students writing prompts to help them increase their creative writing skills.

When you are ready to start gathering ideas for writing prompts, you need to purchase a spiral notebook or 3×5 ruled cards and file box to keep your writing prompts in a place where you won’t lose them. You want them handy to use when you are ready to write a story.

Now, you will learn how to gather ideas.

Step 2

Gathering writing prompt ideas

You can create writing prompts from any area of your life, any subject, or just about anything.

For example if you ask questions about your life, you can come up with several writing prompts.

When you were a child, what was your first house like? Where did you live?

Where did you go on your first vacation?

What was your first boyfriend like?

Where did you go to school and what was it like?

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in creating writing prompts about your life.

Once you make a list of your ideas, you can start writing an article, short story, or book.

Step 3

Creating the writing prompts

Now that you have gathered some ideas for writing prompts, you can begin creating them.

For example, you decided to write about a teacher you admired.

Here are some questions to think about:

Who was your first teacher? What did you admire about him or her? What did you learn?

Writing prompt: My teacher was _________________, and I admired ____________

because ___________ helped me to learn ___________________________________.

From that sentence, you can continue writing about the teacher.

Step 4

Editing your writing prompt

After you have written your writing prompt, you can expand on it and write a short story, article, or book.

After that, you will need to go back through your paper and check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure.

Then, you can rewrite your paper and come up with some more writing prompts.

You need to remember to keep a file or spiral notebook of your writing prompts whenever they come to you because you never know when you might want to add more to your writing prompt.

Also, remember to edit your work after you have finished writing the article, story, or book.

Things Needed
• Notebook paper or spiral notebook
• You also might want to use 3×5 ruled cards so you can write writing prompts on each one and file them in a box
• Pens
• White Outs
• Computer and printer

Tips & Warnings
• It would be handy if you kept a spiral notebook for your writing prompts.
• You could also use 3×5 cards for your writing prompts and file them in a file box
• If you kept them in one place, you have them ready when you need them.


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