How to write meaningful love poetry

What does your love poetry mean to you and others?

‘How to write meaningful love poetry’, is a question, that even the most experienced and prolific love poet may ask.

It would seem that almost anyone can write poetry, or even different kinds of love poetry, but writing meaningful love poetry goes one step further. Meaningful love poetry has significance, or meaning, for the love poet who writes it, as well as for others, who read it, or recite it.

The ability to write meaningful love poetry might be regarded as a gift, that only a select few, or perhaps just unique love poets, have been endowed with. Maybe you have that gift?

Writing meaningful love poetry may also be regarded as creating a form of art work, where the love poet paints beautiful, wonderful and amazing pictures, using words, as his or her paintbrush, or tool of expression.

Writing meaningful love poetry can entail learning, developing and finally mastering, new and different skills. It is a more advanced form of love poetry writing.

The question of ‘how to write meaningful love poetry’ presents a challenge for love poets everywhere! Prepare to be challenged.


Step 1

Become serious about writing meaningful love poetry

Become serious about writing meaningful love poetry, consistently and regularly, thus allowing your inner passion, to blossom fully and to find expression, through the words that you write. Your reader will know immediately if your heart is not in your work. If what you write does not have meaning for you, will it have meaning or significance for others?

Step 2

Focus on mastering new love poetry writing skills

First of all, find one unique style of writing love poetry, that is easy for you to write and expresses significance or meaning, to you. Then, begin to experiment with other, new and different styles of writing love poetry. Remember that no two poets will ever write love poetry exactly the same way. Nor should they! Your writing style will be evident in the skills that you master. People will begin to recognize your love poetry writing skills over time. In fact, they will begin to do what you are doing.

Step 3

Write your love poetry down immediately

Write your love poetry down immediately, or as soon as possible after it comes into your mind. That way, it will not be forgotten or disappear in the wind. Be aware that you may not be able to recall it exactly the same way or completely, at a later time or date. Its meaning or significance may be lost, as well. A muse is rather elusive at times, so be alert to the triggers that inspire you to write love poetry. When it comes to you, pen it down, exactly as it comes, even if you do not comprehend it fully. Later, you and others may begin to understand it, at least in part. Perhaps there is more that still has to be written.

Step 4

Allow yourself to be the instrument

Allow yourself to be the instrument, through which your love poetry passion flows. No one else may be willing or able to convey what you desire to say, in terms of meaningful love poetry. Those words have been given to you and to you alone. It is up to you to make certain that they are penned, recorded or documented, in some way. Your thoughts, feelings and desires are important. Taping your love poetry is another option, as well. Then, as you replay and listen to your own words, ask yourself if they are meaningful to you. You will know if they are and you may be astounded at what you hear.

Things Needed
• A passionate, inner longing to write or express your thoughts, feelings and desires, in the form of meaningful love poetry
• A central focal point for our love poetry
• The time to hone your love poetry writing skills
• A notebook or diary, in which to document and save your love poetry
• The ability to critique your own love poetry, in a positive and constructive manner
• The patience to write, or even re-write your love poetry, if and when it is deemed necessary to do so
• The courage to allow others to read and critique your love poetry
• Desktop publilshing, or web design skills, necessary for the publication of your love poetry

Tips & Warnings
• Never throw your love poetry away. You may not be able to write it again.
• Be aware that not everyone will find your love poetry meaningful, even when you do.
• Choose your words carefully, so that your love poetry expresses the true meaning that you intend to convey to others.
• Do not over-work your love poetry. Sometimes, the very first version of your love poetry can be the best and the most meaningful.
• Do not write your love poetry until you are truly inspired to do so, as you may struggle with writing it and even then, it still may appear to be awkward to read, or stilted, in some way.
• Do not give up writing love poetry, just because you receive some negative feedback, an untimely response to it, or what appears to be unreasonable criticism of your work. Others may not feel that way about it!
• Re-read, or even re-write your love poetry and then ask yourself, if it has significance, or meaning, for you, or for others. Is it truly an expression of love?


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