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How to print a GED practice test

Finding printable GED study materials. The GED exam is considered equivalent to a high school diploma. Students who want to attend college early or students who have been unable to complete their high school coursework can take the GED exam and then go on to higher education or enter the... More

How to make money with your poetry

Should you quit your day job to be a poet?   Unless you have enough savings to retire, the answer is probably "no". However, if you enjoy writing poetry, there are several ways to turn your poems into pocket change. This guide will help you start making money on... More

Using rush hour to get smarter

Rush hour can make you smarter. It's a very interesting concept because most of us detest rush hour. Information from the Census Bureau reveals that 100 hours a year is spent by Americans commuting. The same analysis of New York reveals that they spend a full 25 percent more time than the... More

How to help a distressed college student

Too often students' problems are reduced to petty descriptions and their struggles are belittled by their parents or peers. However small or insignificant college students' issues may seem to you, the distressed college student must be handled with care.Let's first think about the basic day for a... More

Activities that improve listening skills

How To Improve Listening Skills Good listening skills are vital to the success of a young child, which will then lead to good listening skills as an adult. We have two ears and only one mouth for the simple fact that listening is often twice as important as speaking. With simple activities to... More

How to begin a class

How you begin your class will set the tone for the lesson. It is important for teachers to establish a routine for the first few minutes of each class and once students get to know this routine they will settle down easier and faster. The first minutes of a class are the hardest to manage,... More

Tips for earning your degree online

Earning a degree online holds appeal for a variety of reasons. The idea of being able to increase earning power without attending traditional classes sounds attractive, but is the reality of online education as good as the advertisements make it out to be? The answer, of course, depends on how... More

How involved should parents be in kids homework?

Whether the child is 5 years old or 15 years old parents need to facilitate the child's own successful completion of homework. It is a fine line between "being involved" in your child's homework - so stimulating them to independent learning and autonomy -  and doing it for them, or... More

How important is your choice of professor

Fun in PhysicsDr Riban is not a basketball star, a movie star or a political figure. He is an ordinary individual who has contributed greatly to my Academic experience and life. That individual is Dr David Riban, my physics instructor in junior college. He thought me more than just E = mc ^2, but... More

How to improve reading skills in kids

Reading is important, for it is a source of information. Sadly, even some adults cannot read well, and most often, the problem originates from childhood. Individuals who developed the skills of efficient reading can have a better chance of success than others. It is necessary for kids to improve... More