How to choose a curriculum for homeschool

How to choose a curriculum for homeschool

There are so many curriculum to choose from, the task of finding one can seem impossible. You need to really sit down and make a list of what it is that you want to teach your child and how you want to teach your child.

Home schooling is nothing to rush into, unless circumstances make it that way. Knowing what your priorities are and what your personal discipline is will help this process.


Step 1

Decide on who will teach your child

Decide how you want to teach your child. Do you feel comfortable teaching every subject? If your children sense that you are insecure about it, they can possibly use that to cause issues in your home school sessions.

There are curriculum that tell you what to do every day, what page to do that day, what questions to ask that day, what the answers to those questions are, and what homework your child has for that day. These curriculum help you to only focus on teaching, and not on planning and lesson building. Examples of these would be Abeka and Bob Jones

You may be very uncomfortable being the one to teach your child, so you may want to go the route of DVD curriculum or computer curriculum. With the DVD’s, an actual classroom is videoed along with the students and teacher. The DVD teacher will be the primary teacher while you will be there to answer any questions or help with any problems. These programs usually give you phone number or email addresses so you can reach each teacher if a problem arises that you can not solve. Examples would be Abeka and Bob Jones.

Computer curriculum has CDs you run in your computer for each subject. They use videos and graphics along with text to teach your child. Example of this would be Switched On Schoolhouse. There is even a curriculum that you don’t need to download into your computer, your child signs on to the account and the site hosts all the information. It is called Monarch from Alpha and Omega.

Another choice would be workbooks. Your child would get workbooks for each subject and they will read through each section, answering questions in the workbooks for reading comprehension. They have self tests in each workbook and end of the book tests. Examples of these would be LifePacs and P.A.C.E.S.

Step 2

What else would you like to incorporate into your curriculum?

What do you want to incorporate into your home schooling? Do you want to add God into your curriculum, then you need to find a Christian based curriculum such as Abeka, Bob Jones, SonLight and many more.

Do you have a child with learning disabilities, then you are going to need to find a curriculum that is geared to those special needs. Time 4 Learning would be an example of this curriculum.

Step 3

What price range are you looking for?

Your last consideration is price. What can you afford? If the curriculum is too pricey, remember that you can get second hand curriculum that may fit your budget.

eBay has many auctions for almost any curriculum. Find out if the curriculum you are choosing has monthly payments. See if you can find an other home schooling families in your area and share the curriculum with them.

Search via Google for sites that sell home schooling material as well, you never know where you will find a great deal.

Things Needed
• Access to the Internet
• Knowledge of your child’s teaching method

Tips & Warnings
• If you feel overwhelmed, take a break for awhile. Sometimes too many choices are worse than having no choices.


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