How to make money with your poetry

How to make money with your poetry

Should you quit your day job to be a poet?

Unless you have enough savings to retire, the answer is probably "no". However, if you enjoy writing poetry, there are several ways to turn your poems into pocket change. This guide will help you start making money on your poems as soon as you are ready!


Step 1

Prepare yourself emotionally.

Publishing your poetry means exposing yourself to other people’s opinions and/or indifference. Some writers are discouraged when their work does not receive much attention, while others lose confidence because of negative comments. Remember that many people who did enjoy reading your work will choose not to leave a comment. Also keep in mind that people who make unconstructive, negative remarks are only trying to elicit a reaction are probably not even giving their true opinion. Learn to benefit from constructive criticism, and when it comes to rudeness remember the golden rule of the Internet— don’t "feed the trolls" by giving them the satisfaction of a reply.

Step 2

Understand the legal ramifications of publication.

Book publishers and magazines generally want new, unpublished work. If you feel that a piece of writing has the potential to be published in a print format, do not post it online!

Some websites, such as, want exclusive, irrevocable rights to your work when you post. A poem posted on Triond cannot be reposted on your blog or website or published in any other location. Read the fine print regarding content licences before signing up for any website. Be sure that you are comfortable with the content rights issues before posting your work anywhere.

Step 3

Sign up for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense will allow you to monetize your blogs and websites. Sign up for Ad Sense before you begin blogging or building web pages.

Step 4

Sign up for Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates will allow you to sell items from your blog or website and earn a commission.

Step 5

Sign up for a account. is primary geared toward magazine-style articles, however it has an active creative writing section, too. You can earn revenues on your poetry when you publish it on Helium. Also, when you publish on Helium, you still have the rights to it, so you may also publish it on your blog or in a self-published book. Helium is very user-friendly, and you do not need an AdSense or Amazon account in order to start earning revenues.

Step 6

Build a Helium Zone to promote your poetry.

A Helium Zone is similar to a Squidoo lens, however Helium Zones is much easier to use. If you already have a account, you can easily build an attractive zone in just a few minutes. In the near future, you will be able to monitize your zones with Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. You can also use the zone to showcase poems you have posted on Helium itself, thus increasing your earnings on those poems.

Step 7

Sign up for Twitter and Facebook.

The social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are so widely used that many of the people you know are probably using these sites. Once you have created your Twitter and Facebook accounts, start looking for your friends and family and letting them know about your poetry.

Step 8

Sign up for, like Helium, is a website where you can publish your poetry and get paid. Unlike Helium, Triond has an approval process that takes place before you can get paid for your content.

Step 9

Create a Blogger account.

Blogger is better than WordPress for your blog because at Blogger, you can create a blog for free and instantly monitize it with AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. Use your Blogger account to create as many blogs as you wish. You can write about a topic, use it as a diary, or even publish your poetry directly. To make your blog even more lucrative, try writing a short introduction to each poem and then inviting the user to link to Helium in order to read the poem.

Step 10

Make friends.

Take a genuine interest in others’ work. Offer praise when merited and gently give constructive criticism when you feel you can help someone improve. Link to other people’s poetry if you enjoy it. The more you interact with people, the more likley they will be to drop by your page.

Step 11

Brand yourself carefully.

Consider your audience. If you build a following by writing light, kid-friendly poetry, then switching to dark, adult-themed poems will alienate your readers. When you blog or journal, be sure to write about topics that will interest people who read your poetry. Think carefully before linking to a friend’s website or blog, and make sure that what that person posts is consistent with the image you hope to portray. Remember, you can always create a separate account if you want to write about very different topics.

Step 12

Time your posts.

A Christmas poem is more likely to be popular in December than May, when a spring-themed poem might be more well-received. Post your poems when they feel relevant. This works even for old poems. For example, if the public break-up of a celebrity couple reminds you of a bitter love poem you wrote two years ago, write a blog entry explaining why your poem is timely and include a link to the poem.

Step 13

Sell a book of your poetry.

Never work with a publisher who wants to charge you a fee to publish your work. Amazon CreateSpace will allow you to self-publish a book for free. This model is especially appropriate if you have friends and family interested in buying a book of your poems. When you self-publish with CreateSpace, you still own all of the rights to your work, so you can continue to use your poems on your blogs and websites. You can even use your existing blogs to promote your book.

You will Need
• Determination
• Patience
• Realistic expectations
• A Helium membership
• Triond membership
• MySpace or Facebook profile
• Blogger account
• Twitter account
• AdSense account
• Amazon Associates account
• Amazon CreateSpace account

Tips & Warnings
• Always read the fine print before publishing anywhere! Make sure you are comfortable with terms of publication.
• Beware of poetry contests with entry fees. Many of them are scams.
• Keep having fun! Writing poetry will not make you rich, but it can be an enjoyable hobby. Don’t let sagging revenues or discouraging comments sap your enthusiasm.
• Keep looking for new venues. As the Internet evolves, new publication opportunities will arise. Stay on top of trends and keep looking for places to publish your poems.


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    Warrick  08.12.2017 19:26

    Thanks for stopping by, Peggy! Good luck with your poetry. If you find any good poetry websites or have some tips for other poets, please come back and tell us about them!

    Clarke  23.01.2018 23:36

    Informative and most helpful article. I’m sure many of us have hoarded our poetry against the day when we could publish a book to wide and instant acclaim! Thank you, Raven Lebeau, for some doable alternatives!

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