How to print a GED practice test

Finding printable GED study materials.

The GED exam is considered equivalent to a high school diploma. Students who want to attend college early or students who have been unable to complete their high school coursework can take the GED exam and then go on to higher education or enter the workforce.

This guide will help you find and print practice questions that will help prepare you for the GED.


Step 1

Take these printable GED practice quizzes.

These quizzes are not an actual sample test, but they are printable, they do have answers included, and they will help prepare you to take the GED. After taking each quiz, check your answers using the key. If you miss several questions in one subject area, then you will want to focus your studies in that area.

Step 2

Download a free e-book from Petersons

This e-book will take a while to download. Also, it is 888 pages, so do not try to print the whole thing. It includes study tips, a detailed explanation of the test, and printable practice exams with answers.

Step 3

Try your local library.

If you cannot afford to purchase a test prep book, try checking one out from your local library. You can work the problems on your own paper and use the book to check your answers. If your library does not have a GED preparation book available, you may be able to order one on inter-library loan.

Step 4

Try some non-printable practice exams.

There are many excellent GED prep sites that do not offer printable materials. Click here for a detailed explanation of each section of the test along with sample questions that have detailed answers. This site will allow you to take a free online practice exam. Click here to take a sample test that offers detailed feedback with each question.

You will Need
• Internet access
• Printer
• Library card

Tips & Warnings
• Practice exams generally focus on the multiple choice portions of the GED. There is also a writing sections, so be sure to prepare for it, too.
• Some websites claim to offer an online version of the GED. These sites are scams. GED exams must be taken in person.
• Be sure to find a schedule and decide on an exam date in your area that works for you.


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