How to teach preschoolers the food groups

Learning about food

Preschoolers are at the age where parents and teachers can teach the children about the different food groups.

You should help preschoolers learn about food and what foods are healthy for them and what foods aren’t as healthy.

This guide will help you learn how to teach preschoolers the different food groups, and how you should introduce each food group by showing the students pictures of various foods. You can provide samples of real food for them to have as a snack when you teach that particular food group.

The picture illustrates the various food groups that we should have to make a balanced meal everyday. You can also talk about portions of food.

The portion sizes will vary according to the different ages such as preschoolers will need smaller portions, but as they grow, they will want more servings of each group.


Step 1

Learning about meat and protein

The first group you could discuss is the meat and protein group. Meat is an important part of the meal, and it comes fresh, canned or frozen.

You can explain meat to them by talking about how the meat is package and what type of meat comes that way such as fresh — hamburger, frozen — chicken tenders, canned — tuna.

You can also have pictures of various types of meat that are fresh, frozen, and canned.

Step 2

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are another important food group that preschoolers need to have in their diet everyday. You can explain to them that fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamins, and they come in cans, fresh, or frozen.

You can show them pictures of the various types of fruits and vegetables. You can also explain to them what types of fruits and vegetables are fresh, canned, or frozen.

Step 3

Breads, cereal, and grains

Breads, cereal, and grains are another food group that is important for preschoolers to have. Breads come in fresh or frozen packages. Cereal comes in boxes or plastic bags.

This group comes in bread, rolls, biscuits, cereal, and more.

You can explain to the children that they come in white, whole wheat, whole grains. You can also show them various pictures of the different types of products in this group.

Step 4

Dairy products

Dairy products are another important food group. Dairy products contain milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and more.

You can introduce this group by showing the preschoolers pictures of the different foods in the dairy products.

You can explain to the children how important milk is to their bodies and their growth.

Milk has calcium in it and it helps their bones to become stronger, and it helps their teeth to stay healthier and not decay.

Things Needed
• You might want paper and pen to write down information you gathered from reading the guide

Tips & Warnings
• Preschoolers want to learn new things
• You can show them various pictures of the food groups


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