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How to use the Language Experience Approach to teach reading

Students use life experiences to learn to read Through the language experience approach (LEA) to teach beginning readers how to read, students can connect their own life experiences with learning written words. All ages of learners, from kindergarteners to adults and English language learners,... More

How to teach yourself to read and write in Spanish

The trick is to get Spanish into the brain the same way English got there: by repetition and exposure! Everyone learns to speak their native language through constant repetition, exposure, and association. Proceeding from "baby talk" to more complex speech is mostly a matter of vocabulary... More

College life: How to lose weight your freshman year

Going to college for the first time can be an amazing experience. You suddenly have much more freedom to do as you please and, whereas you probably had a stressful final year of high school, you now have a lot less to worry about, with regard to exams at least. This can lead to weight gain if you... More

How parents can help their children fend off cyberbullies

Cyberbullying is being more common, and children are often unaware of the steps they can take to deal with the problem. Because of this, parents play an important role in helping their child secure a bully-free existence online. To do this, parents and children can utilize a variety of techniques... More

How to create a classroom ambiance conducive to learning

Creating a classroom ambiance conducive to learning is very important because this will help in enhancing a better learning process that will help the students learn more effectively.  The way a teacher creates a classroom conducive to learning also depends on what level she is teaching. For... More

How to teach preschoolers about construction workers

Who are construction workers? Preschoolers are eager to learn about different occupations such as construction workers. This will help preschoolers learn about their environment and about different people and their occupations. Construction workers consist of various types of workers such as... More

How to teach preschoolers about colors

Colors are everywhere Everywhere you look whether it's inside your classroom or outside on the playground or anywhere else, you will see a variety of colors. Preschoolers need to learn the basic colors and then they can learn other colors and shades. This guide will help you to teach children... More

How to set up cooperative learning groups

Group activities are at the center of the Communicative Approach to language learning Recent studies have been done using permanent to semi-permanent groups in the language classroom to promote cooperative learning. This approach takes time to develop but can pay big rewards in accelerating... More

The high school mentality and how it affects our generation

High school. mostly everybody remembers it, and some people are living it(in high school now). Me I'm living it. I am a high school student, a rising sophomore. High schools not so much hard in the work but in whats expected of you. And i don't mean from the teachers. I mean whats expected of you... More

How to help preschoolers learn to be creative

Preschoolers and creativity Preschoolers are curious little ones and like to explore their environment and see what they can learn. They are eager to learn new things. You can develop their creativity by encouraging them to draw, color, play in the housekeeping area, play with blocks, and the... More