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How Waldorf educational methods help special needs children

The teachers I remember and revered the most are those who were able to take a subject I might not have been interested in and connect it to my own experiences and make it interesting. This is the principle behind Waldorf Education. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) had the philosophy that "man... More

How to get credit for life experience

Let me share my experiences at the University of Minnesota in the 1970's. They used the quarter system then and I earned two quarters worth of courses (about 39 credits) without ever going to classes. Sound interesting? Let me tell you how it was done. Your university or school may not have these... More

How to keep your graduate college scholarship

A graduate college scholarship can provide the opportunity to study in a program that you may have otherwise not afforded.  Unlike undergraduate scholarships, there are usually fewer opportunities for graduate ones, thus these can be very competitive and have requirements that need to be... More

How to determine if a post

As your undergraduate college career begins to draw to a close, you will probably start to think about your options.  Many college graduates will decide to go directly into the work force, and this is a completely valid decision, especially if you have a specific career in mind and have been... More

How to create the perfect dorm room

Creating the perfect dorm room is simple and fun. With a bit of effort and some money spent (but probably not as much as you're thinking), you can have a theme that makes wows people.-Themes and Colors-With the limited space of most dorms, having a central theme or color combination can stop your... More

Coping with back to school anxiety for high schoolers

High school can be one of the most stressful time periods in a person's life; from the scholastic work load to the difficult to understand and maneuver social structure to the pressure exerted by parents and other relatives. High school can be both the best and worst of times; thus it's no wonder... More

Choosing classes in college

If you are reading this, that means you have reached the point in your life where 'you' now decide what you learn. No longer do you have a "homeroom" or guidance counselors directing your education. Now 'you' have the say in what 'you' learn. While the freedom to pick your classes may... More

How to choose a college major

Have you ever asked a college student, "What is your major?" and they responded, "Interdisciplinary studies"? What does that mean? Well, it probably means they are taking the basic courses required for all majors because they are still at a point of indecision about what they... More

Reflections: College is easy if you know how to study

College is easy if you know how to study, and here is how I know this to be true. I was twenty years old when I started my college education. I had three very young children. I was a newly single mother. I had to work to feed the three children. Needless to say, I was busy. I learned quickly... More

Finding cheap student flights

Today's daily travel tip is all about flights. Anyone who is going to travel outside their country is going to have to at some point get on a plane to fly to their destination. In today's society, most people are accustomed to this and for some it can be a weekly or monthly affair. However,... More