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How to write a movie review

Movie reviews give an assessment of a film A review is a critical piece of writing that gives a brief description and evaluation of a film. The purpose is to give the reader an idea of whether they want to watch the movie. Enough details are given in the review to allow the reader to make an... More

College life: How to relieve stress

For many students, moving away from home and having little family support can be an incredibly stressful experience. Not only is there a new environment to which to become accustomed, there is also the added stress of exams, assignments and trying to fit an active social life in too. Fortunately,... More

How to share a dorm room or campus apartment with minimal conflict

Anytime multiple people are thrown together against their will into small living quarters, conflicts are bound to arise. Conflicts are plentiful enough when you live with someone you choose to live with! So how are you to survive living with that college roommate? It's not as hard as it may seem.... More

How to help your young child develop math skills at home

There are many concepts involved in math, and many ways to help your child develop an understanding of these concepts. Counting, sorting, measuring, comparing, patterning, graduated order, spatial relationships and sequencing can all be taught using a few simple toys and common household... More

How to write an A paper for college

Every student is capable of creating A papers.  Some students begin working immediately on assignments given by teachers, while a majority of students wait until the night before a project is due to begin the process.  There is am important key that college professors through elementary... More

How recycled materials can be used in infant and toddler classrooms

As teachers, when we consider our classrooms, we must also consider what materials should be used in these classrooms and how developmentally appropriate these materials are. I work in a school where many of these materials are recycled materials, or materials that may otherwise have been trash... More

How can the government increase literacy skills and programs nationwide?

The smartest role for government in childhood literacy and education programs is as funding manager, not as curriculum planner. According to long-time educational theorist and former educator, John Goodlad of the Institute for Educational Inquiry in Seattle, government involvement with education... More

How to make a good impression on your child’s kindergarten teacher

Create a teacher-parent relationship It is important to create a relationship with the teacher. This will benefit the child. It is not a hard task. One just needs to be aware of what the teacher's goals are for the child and the classroom. There are some tings parents can do to make a good... More

Adult education: How a career counselor can help

Would you take a trip to a new place without a map or driving directions?Probably not, IF you wanted to maximize your chance of arriving at your destination in the least amount of time.Well, utilizing the services of a good Career Counselor is a bit like having your own career highway map... More

How to identify school bullies preemptively

An unfortunate misconception in our society today is that in order to identify anybody pre-emptively, you would have to label them or put a stereotype on them. However, in many cases that is not true at all. According to the book "The Gift of Fear" by John Eldridge, there are signs all... More