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How to succeed in nursing school

Nursing School… We all have been hearing quite a lot about the shortage of nurses, and how much he shortage will be growing in the next few years. Well the sad thing that comes with the shortage is a shortage of Nurses who are willing to teach the next generation of nurses.With this... More

How to help your teen with writing skills, math and test anxiety

Sophomore year in high school, I'd trudge what seemed like a 10 pound backpack full of books up the brick steps to my house, spread everything out on the table, become overwhelmed with all the work I had to do simply by looking at it, and totally collapse on my school books; work could be so... More

Teaching your preschooler how to do a forward roll

Is your two or three year old climbing all over everything? Bouncing off the walls? Are you afraid to take your eyes off her for a second for fear that you don't know what she'll be getting into next? You might have a typical two or three year old child. But you might also have the makings of... More

How to choose books for young children

Choosing Books for Young Children When choosing books for young readers there are several factors to take into consideration. Young children benefit from being introduced to a variety of different books. This allows them to hone their learning skills in a way that keeps their interest. Some books... More

How teens can avoid classroom boredom

A lot of teens find class boring.  There are things that a student can do in order to help avoid this.  Consider the following strategies. Go in with a positive attitude Some of a teen's feelings of boredom from class are actually part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They assume... More

Adapting to college: Dealing with homesickness

The transition from living at home to living at college can be a stressful and traumatic experience that is filled with uncertainty, loneliness, and feelings of homesickness. To help make the change easier, follow these simple tips: * Keep Communicating Attending college doesn't mean cutting off... More

Reading aloud to children

Children of any age adore being read to. But to be a great storyteller, there are a few tips that can ensure your success. Consider your audience. Whether you are reading to an individual child or to a group of children, you need to consider your audience and choose an appropriate book. Preview... More

How to determine if your toddler is gifted

To determine if your toddler is gifted or talented, look out for the following signs and indicators. A gifted toddler will surprise you, and others, with how quickly he learns and how fast he flies through his learning milestones! His development checks will be passed early and he may even have... More

How to teach preschoolers about policemen

Learning about police officers In this guide, you will learn how to teach preschoolers about police officers. It's important for children to learn about police officers and to know they want to help people and to protect them.. Police officers patrol the community so they can make sure that... More

How to design a learning center environment in your classroom or home

Early childhood education, whether ECSE or general education has been shown to function most effectively when designed on a learning center format. High/Scope, Montessori, Voyagers and other similarly recognized programs operate on a learning center rubric. Here is a template to use when setting... More