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How eliminating the grading system would improve education

One of the hardest things about school was trying to get good grades. I'll admit that I didn't always try to get good grades, and sometimes I would try really hard, and still not get good grades. There were classes that I learned a lot in and didn't get a good grade, and there were other classes... More

Teacher tips: How to deal with student cell phones in the classroom

Cell phones are one of a teacher's worst nightmares. Remember the days of just note passing? At least a teacher had a better chance of catching those being passed around. Now in this day and age technology, teachers hardly stand a chance. Tex messaging can be so concealed that teachers do not... More

Teacher tips: How to help homeschoolers transitioning to high school

Students who are home schooled are in a unique situation as they have grown up in an environment that may be different from the formalized classroom. Their ability and academic accomplishments are not automatically better or worse, but they have had a different experience, which should not be... More

How to make the school week 4 days while learning more

I think a four-day school week would only work within smaller districts or private schools. Working in public education, I can't seem to understand how adding a half-hour to each school day would make up for the missed Friday. Four half-hours a week will only equal to two hours, which cannot... More

How to raise money for your classroom through fundraising

Fundraising is one way to keep budget cuts from affecting the classroom. As budgets get trimmed, the need for hands-on items in the classroom does not diminish. In fact, with more children being placed in many classrooms, monetary needs rise. At the same time, classroom teachers in private... More

Packing for college: Avoid procrastination and be prepared

It is a long time since I went to college but even now the events are still vivid for me to remember. Going to college is both exciting and nervy. Sometimes the college student invents things as an excuse to procrastinate packing and moving out of home. For those who were very sheltered while... More

Assessments for learning disabilities: How to identify an LD

Learning disabilities are processing disorders associated with the academic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Diagnosis of a learning disability can occur early in a child's academic career, sometimes as early as pre-school or kindergarten. Learning Disabilities are diagnosed by... More

How standardized tests impact how teachers teach

One of the many challenges associated with modern education is the issue of outcomes and competencies. In most cases, people agree that it would be ideal to have standard expectations for education that everyone could agree on and implement. Of course, the reality is that educators,... More

How much does a college education cost?

Calculating college education costs can be a bit confusing. First, the college will only give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay. Then, you have to factor in financial aid, scholarships, and grants. After all of that, you might still end up paying more or happily paying less.So, how to... More

How to memorize lists

Studying lists can seem frustrating. At some points, your brain will remember the beginning and the end of the list while at other points your brain will only seem to remember the middle chunk of the list. If you are having trouble memorizing a whole list, this article will help you gain some of... More