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How to teach colors to young children

Teachers can make learning colors fun for children through songs, games and art activities. Colors add beauty and excitement to living experience. Children who learn the names of colors have a more complete vocabulary for describing their surroundings. Learning to identify variations in color... More

Teacher tips: How to make history interesting

If you are a teacher, it can be hard to make the subject material interesting for your students. It can be even harder to make your subject material interesting if you are a history teacher. Most students tend to tune out when they hear history, and even I have been bored by a few history... More

How to teach preschoolers the seasons

Learning about seasons Preschoolers are at the age when they are probably curious about the different kinds of weather such as rain, snow, and other types of weather that comes during the different seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. You might want to explain about the types of weather... More

How to make reading fun for young children

Making reading enjoyable for small children It has been said that if kids are entertained by two letters; TV, then imagine the fun they will have with twenty-six. In short, to open a book is to open a child‘s imagination. ‘ These are wise words to live by and especially so since we... More

How to succeed at summer school

Summer school is a wonderful opportunity for many students to take part in. They may have been struggling with grasping a particular subject or concept during the school year. They may have fallen behind due to issues with attendance for one reason or another. Or, they may just want to get ahead... More

How to help preschoolers learn organizational skills

Teaching preschoolers organizational skills Preschoolers want to learn new things. At this age, it is good to start teaching them organizational skills, so they can put their toys away after they have finished playing. There are various areas where preschoolers can learn how to organize such as... More

How not having friends impacts a childs school experience

Not having friends is one of the worst things that can happen to a child while growing up. There are so many reasons why we need to have friends in life as adults, and it is equally important that a child have friends while growing up. It can be lonely if you don't have friends growing up, and... More

Tips for choosing a research topic

Stumped on what topic to choose for your research paper? There are several sources you can use to find ideas. The Internet, magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and even your hobbies can all provide great fodder for a topic. Read on and find out how each of these sources can help you... More

How to equip yourself for online learning activities

Online learning activities will be a tough challenge for anyone who undertakes it in order to gain more qualifications to extend his or her career. It requires a lot of preparation and sustained effort on the part of the learner as it completely relies on how well the student adapts to self... More

How college students can avoid procrastination

It's not uncommon for students to procrastinate in classes. Temptations such a cell phones and talking to other students may be more appealing than listening to a lecture. It may be more exciting to put your iPOD in your ear and self study than take notes. However, test day rolls around and you... More