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College orientation: How to assess your strengths and weaknesses

Weakness and Strengths are both a part of everyone's life but when it comes to the educational front we become more conscious .That is the reason why many of us analyze our abilities before taking admissions in colleges. Our analysis is not just based on marks but also on our interest .This is... More

How to enter an exam room feeling confident

Before an exam you can be overwhelmed by nerves because you want to do well so that you can go to university and get a decent job. You don't want to fail your exam and then have to re-sit it, since taking the exam was stressful enough in the first place. Therefore, if you want to enter the exam... More

How to cover school books

Covering school books to keep them looking new is a tradition that has been renewed, thanks to the sluggish economy impacting America and the world. Boards of education across the country are looking at ways to trim budgets as taxpayers balk at paying higher school costs. One way of stretching... More

How students use their spare time tends to reveal who they are.

Students like to use their time in many different ways. Some may use their time prudently, such as doing homework, while others choose to be irresponsible in their usage, such as talking with friends in the hallway. This can be a window into the way they treat the rest of their lives. First,... More

How to fund your child’s private education

In spite of the need for money to pay their children's tuition, parents across the United States are interested in sending their children to a private school. During times of uncertain economic times, school districts continue to make cuts that affect the classroom and the education of the... More

How do you know you are choosing the right courses?

One of the most difficult obstacles that a college student faces is choosing the "right" courses for him or her. Not only must those courses fulfill whatever requirements that the student needs to fulfill, but those courses should also hold some degree of both challenge and interest for... More

Student tips: How to handle the class cheat

Regardless of whatever your grades are in school, you should always try to get your grades honestly. Whether you get an A, or you fail the class, you should at least put your own work into getting the grades. There are some people out there who refuse to do the work themselves, and have to resort... More

How to develop critical thinking skill

Critical thinking skills are important at any level of academic achievement. But, most children have trouble developing good critical thinking skills. However, it is not difficult to attain these skills once students learn a few basic tricks and techniques. Reading Reading stories and developing... More

Freshman year: How to deal with living away from home for the first time

Starting college as a freshman and moving out of home for the first time can be a daunting prospect. But it can also be a very exciting one. For most people they won't know anyone in their university and therefore the first few days and even weeks will be scary. Here are a few tips to help those... More

How to pay for college

For college students, securing ways to fund their education is as challenging as getting into a good school. A lot students receive student loans and do not totally comprehend their repayment schedules. An interest deferred student loan is only one category of loan available. It is... More