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How each child in school is special in their own way

There's many children in the world who think they need to be a certain kind of person in order to be considered 'cool.' They have to wear certain types of clothing, they have to have certain interests and hobbies, they have to have a certain personality. They have to be like somebody else in... More

Creative writing basics for teacher training

What is creative writing? Creative writing is writing that uses the imagination. It is non-technical writing. Technical writing includes things like medical journals, report writing and research. Creative writing includes mediums such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction novels, screenplays,... More

How to donate school supplies to a classroom in need

As the global recession threatens every nation, education is also coming to its crucial situation affecting public schools and the children who are studying. Lack of school supplies are school's usual problems.Many classrooms need donors to provide what the schools lack. Lack of school supplies... More

How to discipline autistic children in school

The reason for children behaving differently, with an attitude of revulsion to general life, is mostly due to genetics. On general survey taken by a private observation, it is concluded that this is due to some abnormal activity in the woman during her pregnancy. The behaviour, right from the... More

What to do if youre failing a class in college

If you are failing a class in college, it can be a very stressful experience indeed. You may feel as though you want to give up entirely especially if you have already contributed a lot of effort and hard work into achieving good grades. Rather than focusing on your feelings of frustration, take... More

Tips for substitute teaching at the elementary school level

The main key to being a successful substitute teacher is to be yourself. The teacher you are temporarily replacing may have left you a guide sheet to follow for the day, however, you are two different teachers, with two different personalities. By offering your temporary students your natural... More

How to avoid panicking when you have an essay due

Panicking doesn't get you anywhere fast, but it is not as though you have any control over your state of mind when you're in a panic. Once panic has overwhelmed you, it can be tough to calm down and keep things in perspective. It may be that you have an essay that is due to be handed in very... More

How stress can affect testing results

While a certain degree of stress can actually have a positive effect on testing results, too much stress can have devastating consequences. When I say that some stress is positive, I am thinking about normal exam nerves. After all, if we are too complacent about exams, then we are not likely to... More

How to teach a child street smarts

The best way to teach a child street smarts is to engage them in real life experiences. Street smarts is not something that can be taught from a book. Although one can read and hear stories of how to be street smart it is not enough. In order to provide these real life experiences, you have to... More

How to educate children through storybooks

Children enjoy story time whether it's at home or at school and there's no better way to sneak in an educational lesson than by reading a good storybook. Story time allows you to give children a break from their regular studies, television, or video games. Through storybooks, your children will... More