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How to plan ‘Christmas Dinner 2010’

Make Christmas dinner 2010 the best it can be We all want to impress our guests with a fantastic Christmas menu and this year can be one of the best, if the planning is complete and detailed. The best way to ensure grand results from your Christmas Eve or Christmas day meal plan is to make lists;... More

How to hold and use a pair of chopstick

Holding and eating with a pair of chopsticks A pair of chopsticks is one of the most versatile food utensils and is mainly used by the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. It's actually two vertical narrow "sticks" which could be made out of wood, bamboo, plastic, melamine or steel of about 6 to 8... More

How to sprout beans

Sprouting Beans Bean sprouts are small edible seedlings that make beans into ‘living’ food rich in nutrient elements not found anywhere else. It is now common belief that living food is full of vibrant energy, more so than anything else you consume. Sprouting beans are high in dietary... More

How to make a complete turkey dinner

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner all over the United States generally means that families will be gathering and sharing a big meal. In some families there are long standing traditions about what is served for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, some will be starting their own long... More

How to peel a fresh ginger root

The appeal of ginger Ginger powder, ginger paste, and especially fresh ginger can add that unexplained pizzazz to almost any savory dish. The fresh ginger is particularly important in Asian dishes (Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Pakistani, etc.) but can also do wonders for a Swedish... More

How to cut down on smoking

Cutting down on smoking could be quite simple You have decided to cut down on smoking? Congratulations, a wise choice. Now, what do you do to decrease the number of cigarettes smoked? Smoking is one of the most addictive bad habits. All smokers know that the urge to light a cigarette is often... More

How to cook Anasazi beans

Taste an ancient heirloom bean Anasazi Beans (tm) are reddish-purple and white spotted heirloom beans that have been constantly cultivated in the Four Corners region of the the United States since the ancient Anasazi inhabitated the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. The deep root system of these... More

How to make ice cream by hand

Introduction You don't need a fancy ice cream maker to make real ice cream at home. All you need are two metal bowls, a wooden spoon and lots of ice and salt to cool the cream mixture. This is a good summer activity for children. They can learn some science in the process. Ice contains latent... More

How to be a great cook

How to get organized and enjoy cooking   You don't have to be a gourmet to enjoy the art of cooking. What's more, you don't have to spend hours bent over a cutting board, standing by a steamy stove, or with your head stuck in a hot oven to present wonderful meals to your... More

How to make chili sauce for steamed chicken

A tasty sauce for meals or snacks Steamed chicken with rice is a very famous dish in Malaysia. This dish is normally called Hainanese chicken rice and it has to be served with a special chili sauce made especially for this dish. Chili used must be fresh and only red chilies are used to enhance... More