How to cook Anasazi beans

How to cook Anasazi beans

Taste an ancient heirloom bean

Anasazi Beans ™ are reddish-purple and white spotted heirloom beans that have been constantly cultivated in the Four Corners region of the the United States since the ancient Anasazi inhabitated the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. The deep root system of these hardy legumes allow them to tolerate drought, heat, and dryland farming.

The cooked beans have a sweet nutty flavor and a soft creamy texture. These tasty beans go well in soups, Mexican dishes and vegetarian burgers. Better yet, they require no soaking and only have 25% of the the carbohydrates that cause gas. These beans can turn bean haters into bean lovers.


Step 1

Pour the dried Anasazi beans into a large bowl

Normal 0 0 1 15 90 1 1 110 11.1287 0 0 0 The dried beans can contain debris leftover from the harvesting process. Sort out any debris and remove it.

Step 2

Rinse the Anasazi beans

Rinse the beans several times with cold tap water.

Step 3

Rehydrate the Anasazi beans

Anasazi beans can be rehydrated by one of two methods.

Soak overnight — Place the rinsed beans in a bowl. Add tap water until the beans are covered by 3-4 inches of water. Cover and let soak overnight at room temperature. The beans can absorb a great deal of water. Drain the beans and rinse well. The soaking water will contain some of the carbohydrates that cause gas.

Quick boil
— Place the rinsed beans in a pot, cover with water and boil the beans three minutes. Cover the pan and set aside for 2-4 hours. Drain the beans and discard the water.

Step 4

Boil the Anasazi beans

Add 1 cup of rehydrated beans to 4 cups of water in the dutch oven. Bring the beans to a boil and continue boiling for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to low.

Step 5

Simmer the beans

Cover the beans and let them simmer for 1-2 hours.

Step 6

Stir often

Stir the beans often while simmering. Discard any foam that forms at the top of the pot.

Step 7

Add water

Add water during cooking to replace water lost to evaporation.

Step 8

Check the beans

Check the beans for desired tenderness. When acheived, remove from heat and drain.

Step 9


Cooked beans can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. For longer term storage, the cooked beans can be subdivided into portions and frozen. Frozen beans can then be thawed for immediate useage.

Things Needed
• Dried Anasazi beans
• Water
• Large bowl
• 4.5 qt. covered dutch oven
• Colander
• Timer
• Stove top
• Optional overnight soaking

Tips & Warnings
• Overnight soaking is optional.
• Anasazi beans will foam while cooking. Skim off any foam that forms.
• Anasazi beans can be ordered online if your local grocery store does not carry them.


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