How to cut down on smoking

Cutting down on smoking could be quite simple

You have decided to cut down on smoking? Congratulations, a wise choice. Now, what do you do to decrease the number of cigarettes smoked?

Smoking is one of the most addictive bad habits. All smokers know that the urge to light a cigarette is often unrelated to nicotine addition. Lighting a cigarette turns into a social activity and a pass-time, the necessary little ritual that accompanies most daily routines.

It might be difficult to cut down on smoking but once the decision has been made, all it takes is a bit of determination to achieve success. Set your goals and a daily target and try to stick to these.

Follow these simple tips to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Each tip could be used individually or you can use a combination of suggestions to cut down on smoking


Step 1

Be careful, when setting goals. The decrease you decide on should be reasonable and achievable. Once you manage to cope with the change, you can decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke even further. Make small steps to achieve big results.

Step 2

Keep yourself occupied. This is of key importance. Having nothing to do will bring the urge to smoke to your mind. Get yourself involved in daily tasks and chores and try to complete all of these before taking a break. Being involved in any activity will help you control the urge.

Step 3

Motivate yourself using financial reasoning. Calculate the amount of money that you spend on cigarettes each month. Now imagine all the items you can buy using these funds. Allocate a smaller budget to cigarette purchase and stick to it.

Step 4

Use products designed especially for smokers trying to quit. Even if these provide emotional comfort solely, your smoking urge will decrease. Using such products can help you to either decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke or to quit completely. The number of products available is vast: electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches and pills.

Step 5

Avoid the company of other smokers. Smoking is a social activity. You will feel the nicotine urge once you see other people lighting cigarettes around you. Ask your friends to refrain from smoking while in your company. Being surrounded by non-smokers will give you the needed motivation.

Step 6

Chewing gum and mints can often help. If you feel the urge to put something in your mouth — try one of these. If these fail doing the trick, opt for an electronic cigarette.

Things Needed
• patience
• products that can help you quit smoking
• mints and chewing gum

Tips & Warnings
• — You need patience. Decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day could sometimes be a lengthy procedure. Do not feel discouraged if you fail initially.
• — Once you set goals, try to stick to these. Allowing yourself little exceptions will affect your discipline and motivation.
• — You might try switching to ‘lighter’ cigarettes (ones that contain less nicotine) before you cut down on smoking.


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