How to peel a fresh ginger root

How to peel a fresh ginger root

The appeal of ginger

Ginger powder, ginger paste, and especially fresh ginger can add that unexplained pizzazz to almost any savory dish. The fresh ginger is particularly important in Asian dishes (Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Pakistani, etc.) but can also do wonders for a Swedish meatball. Fresh ginger root can be found at just about any local market/grocery store. To use this odd shaped culinary treasure, it must be pealed before it is sliced/diced or boiled for broths. Peeling the ginger root can be a tricky matter if regular peeling tools are used. If done using a simple kitchen spoon, it is a quick and simple process.


Step 1

Place napkin under the root to catch shavings, hold ginger firmly in one hand, and choose an area to begin peeling the skin from

Step 2

Hold the spoon in the other with the thumb positioned on the concave curve of its back

Step 3

Use gentle, swift strokes along the ginger root, navigating along the varied grooves and ridges revealing the flesh underneath ready for slicing/dicing/etc.

Things Needed
• Metal spoon
• fresh ginger root
• napkin

Tips & Warnings
• Avoid using a peeler tool (potato peeler or otherwise) because the Ginger Root ridges will make it a much longer process. Avoid using a peeling knife because the difficulty of navigating the Ginger can increase the likelihood of nicks & cuts.


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