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How to make pizza dough

Pizza dough for 6 to 8 medium size pizzas Most people love pizzas. It is also easy to make. However, some have their own peculiar taste and may want to make pizzas with differing toppings. Some people are vegetarians, some are allergic to sea food, some like it hot and spicy, while others like it... More

How to make ginger tea

Ginger Tea Fresh root ginger makes a tea that is tasty and beneficial to your health. Ginger grows as rhizomes but are more commonly called root ginger. Ginger has long been known for its ability to sooth the digestive tract. It helps to digest fatty foods and to break down proteins that can... More

How to make fruit enzymes

Fruit enzymes Enzymes are required for efficient digestion and acts as a catalyst to speed up the chemical reactions to break down food, proteins, carbohydrates, etc for absorption into our system. It exist in all animals, plants, and microbes like bacteria. For example, human saliva contains an... More

How to eat more local food

Enjoy fresh, local food all the time Eating local is a choice you can make and it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Switching just a portion of what you eat from food that travels large distances to food grown near by can make a big impact. Not only will fresh, nutritious food help keep you and... More

How to make yogurt

Making yogurt Yogurt is an easy to make dessert. It is also a food supplement made from fermented milk by adding bacterial cultures. Some claimed that consuming yogurt can add years to ones life span. It is a good milk replacement for children and people who are lactose intolerant or are allegic... More

How to fit more in your fridge

A nice clean fridge with plenty of room to store things is a worthy goal. With these few tips the refrigerator will have more room for food and be easier for maintenance purposes. If the fridge looks something like this, there is plenty of opportunity to improve. It is not just a matter of... More

How to find puffball mushrooms

Why puffball mushrooms are great Puffballs are amazing. They range in size from smaller than a marble, to larger than a basketball. They grow from low altitudes to over 9,000 feet, in dry soil, wet soil, and both in hotter temperatures and cooler ones. When the flesh is still firm, they have a... More

How to use puffball mushrooms

The delicious puffball mushroom Though they range in size from smaller than a golf ball to larger than a basketball, fresh and firm puffballs have several traits in common. First is that they are delicious and don't shrink up like most of the mushrooms that are bought at the store. Second is that... More

How to make spicy pumpkin seeds

Creating spicy pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds are pretty easy to make and bake. These are great treats when fixed properly, and they can be healthy snacks for a long time. They are tasty and delicious. However, if a person prefers a bit of a spicy change, why not make some spicy pumpkin seeds... More

How to pick the perfect cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a tasty treat. The trick is to find one that is sweet and ripe. Unlike some other fruits and vegetables, cantaloupe do not ripen after they are picked. This makes it a little harder to find the perfect cantaloupe. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Look for a large yellowish spot... More