Getting started with professional wrestling

Getting started with professional wrestling

If you truly want to be a professional wrestler, then you can. It is that simple. That does not mean you will or will not make it to the WWE but you can become a professional wrestler!

30 years ago, wrestling had strong territories. Whether it was the Mid Atlantic, Florida, or many other hot beds of Professional Wrestling, there was always someplace to make a name for yourself. Today, the territories have been bought out but there are still small independent promotions in which you can get a start.

You can do a google search and find many independent wrestling promotions in virtually any area and many of them have wrestling training. Contact them, or better yet, visit their shows. It would pay for many fans, especially those that are would-be wrestlers, to familiarize themselves with more than the WWE.

When you visit independent shows, you get a chance to watch wrestling up close and personal. You find out that there are many, many aspects to pro wrestling. It is an athletic show. It is a drama. It lives or dies off fan interaction.

After becoming familiar with wrestling, you can begin training. Research the prices of training schools so you don’t get ripped off. If it is guys that have made it big in the business (WWE/WCW/ECW etc) then it tends to cost more off name value. Guys like Booker T (Texas), Lance Storm (Calgary), and such will normally charge between $3000-$4000. Their training school tends to be most everyday of the week (and sometimes weekends) for 3 to 6 months. If you have the money, the time, and are in good shape this would be an excellent opportunity.

If not, an independent is still a great way to go. Normally the cost will be less but so will the days a week in which you can train. With training, expect (and look forward to!) paying your dues! Be willing to do the labor. Post fliers for the Independent shows. Put up the rings. Set up chairs and clean up after the show. If you are really serious and you love wrestling, you will go beyond the call of duty to do all that you can.

Remember, you are doing this because you WANT to be a professional wrestler and that should mean you love professional wrestling.

Therefore, get in shape and stay in shape. Working out (both with weights and aerobically) is a part of the job now. You are selling YOU. You will make it off charisma, heart, look, and attitude: all things you can control and work to improve!

Buy tapes!

MMA (mixed martial arts) talks constantly about the different styles (judo, wrestling, etc) but what some don’t realize is there are just as many, if not more, styles to professional wrestling.

Purchase old WWF tapes (where you can learn much about charisma and character), old NWA/WCW tapes (where you can learn about the great in ring storytelling of guys like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Sting and many others), TNA (where you can see the X Division), ECW (the original ECW of the Nineties), Japan, Mexico and the list goes on.

Find what appeals to you. What do you see yourself doing? Become a student of the game. Wrestlers and fans will appreciate your knowledge of history and it will surely show in your in ring presentation.

Lastly, make it your life! You are giving time and money to this dream, goal, and journey so why not do everything in your power to see what you truly have. The more you get into what you are doing the less it will be about one hopeful moment in the future where you "make it" and more about the fact that every day when you get up and live and breathe your dream you have already arrived because you are a small piece to the greater puzzle. You are doing what you have always wanted. You are a Professional Wrestler.


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