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How to use meditation to treat insomnia

One of the most common treatments for insomnia is medication. Sleeping pills and sleep aids are one of the most over-prescribed medications by doctors. Sleep medications are an effective treatment for people who suffer from insomnia but they also have side effects and they can be highly... More

Tips for staying healthy during the cold and flu season

Now that the winter months are almost upon us we once again face the risk of catching the common cold, or even worse which ever dreaded flu the authorities have decided is going to be the one to attack us this winter!  It has to be kept in mind that ever since we can remember, there has... More

How to alleviate skin rashes

HOW TO ALLEVIATE SKIN RASHES I have suffered for years from a skin rash I'm going to call " overhang skin rash", since I know of no other medical term that completely describes it. It happens in women who have overhanging stomachs and under the breasts where it's warm and damp.. It's... More

How to prevent overweight children from eating too much

Stopping an overweight child from eating to much is no easy feat. It involves a complete restructure of the child's life. Habits need to be broken and then reestablished in a healthier direction. The following steps may be taken to assist in the process.Firstly examine the child's lifestyle,... More

How reading can help you sleep

Reading is one of the most popular activities and hobbies to undertaker during the evening. When you have had a long day at work and are looking for an effective means of winding down, reading can often prove to be that stimulating process that gets your brain ready for relaxation and the... More

How to raise a child with attention deficit disorder

Raising a child with ADD, otherwise known as attention deficit disorder, can be difficult for parents who don't understand their child's condition and how it affects him. Helping a child learn and grow positively requires caregivers to have knowledge about ADD, and to implement plans to... More

How to improve your willpower to accomplish your goals

Will power is defined by as "self control". It is a person's ability to mentally force himself into doing or not doing a specific activity. Whether it's making yourself do chores "now" and not "later", forcing yourself to not eat that fattening... More

Brew your own medicinal teas

Drinking your own brewed medicinal teas is one of the simplest and most ancient ways of using natural herbal remedies. Medicinal tea infusions are prepared by steeping fresh and dried flowers or the leaves of herbs in hot water. These herbal teas are drunk without milk, although a little honey... More

The ideal healthy diet

The phrase “healthy diet” in the tittle suggest at least a minimum of diseases if we believe health is influenced by food. And we have to believe it is true since if we don't eat at all we die. If we eat just cakes all day long and water we will eventually get sick. However it all... More

How to sleep better

Millions of people in the US alone are plagued by insomnia, the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Whether you cannot fall asleep at night, cannot stay asleep, or just want deeper and more restful sleep, here are a few guidelines to dramatically improve your sleep. Only go to bed when you... More