Easy warm

Easy warm

Warming up before exercising is very crucial. Not only will it get you off to the right start, it will also help to prevent torn muscles, strained ligaments and that horrible after workout soreness’. Properly warming up will also help to burn more calories by getting your body in the burning mode. Here are some simple and easy warm-up exercises to do before you begin your workout.


Stretches are the first thing you should do before any exercise routine. Stretching helps to warm up your muscles, stretch them out and prepare them for what lies ahead.

Basic stretching techniques that you learned in elementary school will help warm you up before you begin your exercise. If you are looking for extensive stretches, especially if you are going to be doing a strenuous exercise routine then check out Netfit at http://www.netfit.co.uk/stretc hing.htm . They have a ton of stretching techniques that include pictures, guides and much more for each one.


Performing warm-up exercises to warm-up your legs is also very important. Before you journey out into your evening jogging, be sure to prepare your legs. After stretching, there are several techniques that you could do.

First, lay on your side with one leg on top of the other. Take the bottom leg and bend your knee so that your bottom leg is bent and you top leg is strait. Slowly raise the top leg as high as you can with out causing pain and slowly lower it. Simply going up and down real quick will not do you any good. Going slow will cause you to use more muscles and help to warm them up. Do 10 counts on each leg and 2 reps of each.. Over time you may find that 10 becomes very easy to do. When this happens simply bump your reps up by 5 each time.

Another great leg movement would be stair stepping. If you have a small step box or even a set of stairs, you can do stair stepping as an exercise warm-up. Starting with your left leg, take a step up on to the step. Then step back on to the floor using your left leg as well. Do 5 counts on each leg for 5 reps.

Arms and Shoulders:

Before you begin your work out, if you plan on doing any weight lighting you should do a warm-up session for your arms as well. Holding your arms straight out to each side, parallel to the floor begin rotating your arms in a circular motion. Making small circles, do 20 counts in the forward direction and then 20 counts rotating your arms backwards. Do 2 reps of 20 counts in each direction before warming up.

By performing exercise warm-ups, not only will you help to prevent injuries, you will also be helping to speed up your work out. Warm-ups help get your muscles warm and ready to burn calories. Always be sure to stretch and then do your legs and arms before any strenuous exercises.


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