How to improve your willpower to accomplish your goals

How to improve your willpower to accomplish your goals

Will power is defined by as "self control". It is a person’s ability to mentally force himself into doing or not doing a specific activity. Whether it’s making yourself do chores "now" and not "later", forcing yourself to not eat that fattening candy bar, or pushing yourself to do that last set while weightlifting, improving your willpower will have a huge beneficial effect on your life. Here are the steps you will need to take if you want to improve your will power:

 •Know Willpower

The most common misconception about will power is that people associate it with self denial. This is NOT the case; will power is something that is beneficial to everybody who uses it correctly. Will power is not supposed to be used to make you stop eating, or to make you exercise until you pass out, it’s to make you eat healthier and exercise a healthy amount. Will power is all about increasing the efficiency of your life and eliminating bad habits.

•Be Positive

When you are restraining from or making yourself do certain tasks, it is best to think of them as a positive challenge instead of a punishment. The way you think about certain things has a big deal on what your mind does about them. Try rewarding yourself when you have successfully completed a goal you set for yourself, and avoid pushing yourself when you fail.


Like any other aspect in life, your willpower can be strengthened if you exercise it and practice it. Start out by practicing little things, like ordering a healthy option instead of the unhealthy one, or deciding to start on a big project now instead of procrastinating and starting it later. By fighting this little battles during the day, your willpower will begin to strengthen and improve, setting yourself up for conquering your bigger goals.

•Set Goals

The best part about improving your own willpower is when you set goals and accomplish them, things that you don’t think you could accomplish. When you are setting a will power goal, it is important to be specific. It’s not good enough to say “I’m going to start running”, you have to say something like “I am going to run 30 minutes a day 4 times a week”. This specific goal will ensure that you don’t cheat yourself in accomplishing things. Try to make your goal realistic, and as you accomplish these goals you can increase the difficulty.

In the end, improving willpower can be extremely helpful in your life. A few years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed a nice tall glass of coke, but I knew that there was absolutely no nutritional benefit whatsoever. So I decided to challenge myself to stop drinking coke for a year. I told all of my friends and family members about my challenge so that they could try and help me and make sure I didn’t cheat. In the end, I cheated a few times during the challenge, but I ended up going the whole year without any mishaps and by the end, I didn’t even like the taste of coke anymore! Now I never drink coke, or other types of sodas, simply because I would rather have healthier things like fruit juice and water. This has had a positive effect on my diet and on my willpower, and it shows that you really can make a difference in your life.


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