How to troubleshoot a NordicTrack MTN 740 stepper

How to troubleshoot a NordicTrack MTN 740 stepper


Step 1

Adjust the 740’s Reed Switch

Adjust the reed switch if the console display gives incorrect feedback after the pedals move 5 inches or more with each step. The reed switch is a small switch near the magnet. It is covered by the shield under the pedal bracket so you must remove pieces to get to it first.

Step 2

Remove the two M10 nylon locknuts and the two M10 by 82mm button bolts using a wrench. Take out the three M4 by 25 mm screws and the two M4 by 38mm screws.

Step 3

Pull off the right pedal bracket. Remove the right-side shield carefully, which is the circular shield-shaped piece on the side of the base.

Step 4

Rotate the flywheel until the magnet lines up with the reed switch. This is the wheel that moves. Consult the parts list that came with the machine if you need any help identifying parts. Loosen the top screw so you can slide the reed switch.

Step 5

Move the reed switch a small distance toward the flywheel. Tighten the screw that you just loosened. Check that the reed switch and magnet will not collide when the flywheel turns by using your hand to turn the flywheel.

Step 6

Test your work by stepping onto the machine and making steps greater than 5 inches up and down. Move the reed switch again if the console still shows bad readings.

Step 7

Replace the right side shield and the screws that held it in place. Put the pedal bracket back on as well.

Step 8

Make the Stepper Level

Locate the feet under the stabilizer. These are small disc-like objects that should touch the floor. Turn whichever foot appears to be higher than the other until both feet so that they become even. Use your hand to turn the foot. Turn the feet in either direction until they appear to be the same height.

Step 9

Step onto the stepper and use normally. Re-adjust the feet if the stepper is not stable. It should not shift side-to-side during use.

Step 10

Relocate the stepper to a level area if you cannot get the machine to cease rocking by adjusting the feet.

Step 11

Troubleshooting the Console

Check that the indicator button above the button is lit.

Step 12

Make sure the audio cable is firmly in place if the stepping speed does not change when you hear a chirp and the indicator button is lit.

Step 13

Turn your volume down or up on your CD player. The console may be unable to detect the program signals if your volume is not at an ideal level.

Things Needed
• Adjustable wrench
• Allen wrenches
• Parts list or manual

Tips & Warnings
• Use the Allen wrenches that came with the machine.
• Regular cleaning of the stepper keeps it in good working order. Use a soft cloth and a little bit of mild, non-abrasive detergent to clean the stepper. Do not use soap on the console.
• Making shallow steps less than 5 inches can also account for inaccurate readings.


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