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How to play Rummoli

A guide for playing the popular card game rummoli, also know as tripoley or Michigan rummy Rummoli? What is that? This may be a game that not many people have heard of but that does not mean it isn't worth checking out. Rummoli is a great game that is easy to play and can be played by the young... More

How to choose a hobby

Hobbies can be great leisure time activities Many people have a hobby of some type. They find it important to engage in something in their leisure time that is different from their daily occupation. Hobbies take on many forms, from the traditional to the unusual. One person may find... More

How to make wine bottle labels

Make it special If you are a home brewer or perhaps want personalized wine labels for a special event, they are easy to make if you have a computer. Many companies have already thought of the need to supply images and backgrounds suited for wine labels, though with a little imagination and use of... More

How to cure boredom!

How to avoid being bored Everyone finds themselves looking for something to do from time to time and being bored affects adults as much as it does children. Both groups suffer from the same malady because they fail to have a plan of action for when days seem interminable, they are too tired from... More

How to blow bubbles

Making magic with the children Children are amazing, but add an amazing element like bubbles and they are even more astounded by life. Bubbles are fun, and although many people depend upon the shop bought bubble kits, there are also other ways to blow bubbles and to make projects for kids to... More

How to use deeds and wills in genealogy research

Land records and wills are good genealogical resources Land records can be a great genealogical resource. Other records used in conjunction with land records can help in breaking through those brick walls. Often it is difficult to trace female relatives because of lack of a maiden name. Women... More

How to keep kids busy with fun and free games

Big party, bored kids? Try these fun, free games. Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Your 4th of July bash is going well. The barbecue smells wonderful and your guests are anticipating a great meal. Off in the corner, the smaller guests seem to be distracted and bored. They have already created... More

How to play Uno

A great family game Uno is a game of skill, though can be played at an intellectual level or a fun level, making it ideal to introduce young children to number recognition and color recognition. The game can be played by up to 10 players, although if you combine several packs, this can be... More

How to score in cribbage

A guide for experienced cribbage players who need a reminder on how to score. Scoring in cribbage is done in many ways, through adding cards to equal fifteen, runs, flushes, pairs and even having a matching jack. You can score in the counting phase, adding your cards against the other player(s)... More

How to plan a genealogy research trip

Visit your grandparents ancestral home There comes a time in your genealogy research when you need to get away from your local area to search for clues to your ancestors. Seldom have ancestors stayed in the same place for many generations, so traveling to their previous locale will not only... More