How to make a fabric covered bulletin board

Say goodbye to the plain and drab

Cork bulletin boards are quite handy for keeping track of all manner of things from to-do lists to reciepts as well as swatches, inspirational images, and favorite quotes. They can be dull and functional, or interesting and fashionable. All it takes is a little sprucing up and fabric is a quick and easy way to make a bulletin board more attractive.


Step 1

Fabric choices

You’ll need a piece of fabric a couple inches larger than the cork panel of your bulletin board. Choose something durable like denim, jersey or an upholstery fabric that can stand up to the wear and tear of pushpins. A stretchy fabric with a little give will bounce back better than something like silk.

Step 2

Before you begin

Most cork bulletin boards come mounted in either a wood or metal frame. This frame may or may not be easy to remove; if the frame on your board isn’t, you may want to paint it. Also, if you don’t have the tools to reattach the frame later, you may want to leave it on and simply glue the fabric to the cork.

Step 3

Getting started

If you decide to fit the fabric onto the board without removing the frame, don’t cut the fabric to the exact size of the cork panel. The edges will start to fray and possibly even shift and expose the cork. Instead, leave at least a quarter of an inch surplus that you can fold under on each side — you may want to use an iron to crease the fabric to make it easier to manage when gluing in place. Use cork glue around the edges of the fabric to adhere it to the cork panel.

If removing the frame, lay the fabric face down on your work surface and place the board on top of it, cork side down. Fold the fabric edges up and secure them to the back of the board with glue or double sided tape, and then replace the frame. (If using glue, allow it to dry before re-framing.)

Step 4

Finishing up

Once the board is covered and re-framed, it is ready for hanging. If the frame doesn’t have eyescrews or a sawtooth hanger on back, you’ll need to add one or the other in order to mount your fabric coevered bulletin board to the wall. Instead of plain thumbtacks, check the local craft store or office supply retailer for something a bit more fancy to use when pinning items to your board.

Things Needed
• level-1 Cork Bulletin Board
• Fabric — premeasured and cut to board size
• Scissors or rotary cutter
• Cork cement
• Frame (optional)

Tips & Warnings
• Measure carefully!
• Choose a durable fabric


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