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How to get a bug out of your ear

It can be really frightening to have a bug in an ear canal. But this is something which can be cured quite easily. The most important thing is to stay calm and get the bug out of there as soon as possible. [donate]Instructions ... More

How to make a spice rack from old pill bottles

Create your own unique spice rack A spice rack is essential in every kitchen. Yes, you can buy them just about anywhere, but then you have one that looks common because they are mass-produced. Did you know that it is very easy to create a very unique spice rack for your... More

How to achieve a distressed paint effect

Painting techniques: Distressing The easiest way to give paintwork an 'aged' and well-worn look is to use the distressing technique. This technique means applying several layers of paint to a surface and then sanding through the coats to reveal the different layers of color underneath. Enhance... More

How to make tie-top curtains

Simple to make tie-top curtains Tie-top curtains are the easiest type of curtains to make for your window dressings. They are designed to give your room an informal look and you can use just about any kind of fabric in making them. You can tie the curtains directly to the curtain rod, but they... More

How to make easy lined curtains

Making simple lined curtains Sewing lining directly into a curtain gives a professional finish and adds body to the fabric so the curtain hangs well. Making lined curtains couldn't be easier, you simply machine stitch together the curtain fabric and the lining down the side hems and sew your... More

How to make a director’s chair cover

Re-covering a director's chair Canvas directorschairs are an inexpensive, versatile form of seating suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, over time the canvas can begin to look a little worse for wear and will need to be replaced. It is relatively a simple task to accomplish. All... More

How to attract birds to your garden

Simple pleasures for our feathered friends: The wild birds in your locality can also be enticed to spend time in your garden, where you can observe them then, on a daily basis. See to their well-being, by making yours a bird-friendly garden. Especially during long seasons of severe weather... More

How to build a bat house

How to Build a Bat House Known for eating annoying pests, bats can help you to keep your yard free from mosquitoes and gnats. Building a bat house for your yard can be a fun and easy way to encourage bats to live around your home and keep pests from destroying your outdoor play time. It is a... More

How to reuse coffee grinds in the garden

Tips for using coffee grinds and old coffee as fertilizer   Each time you want to make a fresh pot of coffee, the first thing you must do is dump the used coffee grinds from the basket. Most people simply take out the filter containing the grinds and toss the whole thing into... More

How to build a retaining wall with railroad ties

Build an inexpensive retaining wall with new or used railway ties to create functional, beautiful yard space. This guide will show you how to build a retaining wall using railway ties, an inexpensive, commonly available but often over-looked building material that may be found all across North... More