How to arrange flowers

Tips on how to make one simple kind of flowers arrangement

A very versatile skill to develop is to learn how to arrange flowers. Florist arrangements are wonderful to receive or purchase, but most of us like flowers often and the cost of having flowers delivered frequently may be prohibitive. You can then have fresh flower centerpieces for family dinners and special holidays. You also can make up arrangements to give friends for special occasions and when they are hospitalized.

Growing your own flowers or buying the cheaper ones at Wal-Mart or the grocery store is an option and if you learn to arrange them, they will look as good as what you get delivered. For a start, think of something unusual to arrange them in rather than a vase and they will be outstanding. Always pick colorful, fresh flowers and greens so your arrangement will look special.


Step 1

Be bold when choosing a container

Choose a container. A vase will do, but if you pick a teapot or a basket or possibly an umbrella stand or small wheelbarrow your arrangement could be unique. If using a basket or in some other cases, you will need to place a jar or container inside the larger container.

Step 2

Scupulously clean the vase or container

Clean out container so it is super clean with no residue left inside it. Often if it is not clean enough it could make your flowers spoil faster.

Step 3

Make foam fit base of container

Trim a piece of floral foam to fit the shape of the inside of your container.

Step 4

Mix up floral preservative solution

Make up a preservative solution with ingredients you purchased where you find flowers or plants.

Step 5

Soak foam in solution

Soak your floral foam in this solution and then place it inside your container.Adding the solution keeps flowers fresher longer and makes your foam soft enough to push stems into.

Step 6

Use floral tape to hold foam

Fasten it with the tape placed on the top of vase or container. Use floral tape so just a bit of tape holds it in place.

Step 7

Prepare your stems

Cut off at least 1 inch of the bottom of every flower or greenery stem you use. Also remove any leaves on stems that will be below the water line.

Step 8

Start arrangement with greens

Next, take some ferns or other greens and use them to cover the foam and the edge of container by poking their stems right into the foam. If they are too hard to go in, use something to poke stem sized holes in the foam.

Step 9

Start arranging your tallest or largest flowers first

Start with your longest flowers or the largest, all of the same kind, and place them in the center. You can vary lengths a bit but make one the focal point that is largest or tallest.

Step 10

Add another type of flower

Then add the next flower type going around the edge and placing each flower in a circular manner around the container.

Step 11

Now, use smaller flowers and greens to fill in

Fill in with smaller flowers and additional greens wherever there are spaces so that the arrangement has no gaps. The effect should look mounded.

Step 12

Use water and preservative solutin to fill vase

Fill your container or vase with warm water to which is added a preservative solution. The preservative is to increase the vase life of your flowers. A good preservative contains a plant food, and agent for hydration( since they cannot hydrate the same as outside) and an antibaterial ingredient to keep them from dying and making them look bad.

Things Needed
• Vase or contaner
• Floral foam
• Flora Tape
• Preservative
• Knife
• Something to poke stem sized holrs

Tips & Warnings
• Choose the right vase for the right flowers. If flowers are long, they need a graceful container, tall and slender.If short or bunches of smaller flowers, a short, sqyat shaped container works best.
• Remember to choose low containers if this will grace a dinner table so it does not intefere with seeig across to each other.


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