How to attract birds to your garden

How to attract birds to your garden

Simple pleasures for our feathered friends:

The wild birds in your locality can also be enticed to spend time in your garden, where you can observe them then, on a daily basis. See to their well-being, by making yours a bird-friendly garden. Especially during long seasons of severe weather conditions, extremes of heat or cold especially, excessive rains or droughts, birds can suffer terribly through shortages of food.

By offering the very essentials of food and water, you can get to observe and enjoy their antics at close range. If you’re a keen photographer too, birds in your garden make for the most perfect subject material.


Step 1

Provide a seed-tray, or feeding- station:

Provide a seed-tray with seed types sought after by the birds in your area. Some birds are nectar-feeders; cater for their needs also.

Step 2

Water dishes:

Cater for all bird types by providing two separate water dishes. A shallow bowl will suffice the smaller birds to splash in, and another deeper dish, will be sought after by larger birds. Place a small rock or broken brick in this larger dish, to one side, as a possible ‘step’ up. Sometimes small to mid-range birds will use this to stand on while they have a drink from there too, with their feet in the water.

Regularly clean dishes by scrubbing lightly with a brush, and several water changes; then replace with fresh water.

Step 3

Consider predatory animals:

Cats especially, are a great threat to birds. Both food and water sources need to be in an elevated position.

Step 4

Plant bird-attracting shrubbery

Consider planting particular shrubs and trees that will encourage more birds to your garden. Some birds like the cover of dense shrubbery while they search for tiny insects, while others may be looking especially for nectar-bearing flowers, or seeds.

Step 5

Watching birds in your garden:

Consider placing food and water containers where they can be viewed from a safe distance; perhaps from an outside deck or garden seat. Also, ideally from a window in your home, where they can be enjoyed from inside your home, any time of year.

You will Need
• seed or nectar containers
• water dishes
• cleaning brush


• Keep birds “safe” from cats. Place food and water utensils in an elevated position.


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