How to clean a glass top stove

Making your glass top stove shine.
How to clean a glass top stove

Glass top stoves are a great invention. They are easy to clean and can provide years of great service. They come in both black and white. You will never have to clean underneath a burner again. One thing you don’t want to use on a glass top stove is glass cleaner. Harsh cleaners such as ammonia and bleach can damage the stove top according to the manufacturers. When it comes to cleaning the glass top stove, gentle is the way to go.


Step 1

Loving your glass top

Glass stove tops have made cleaning the stove top much easier. No more drip trays and tearing a stove top apart to get to the grunge. It is an easy to clean flat surface that while simple to wipe down can become dull and lifeless if the wrong cleaners are used.

Step 2

Act quickly

Spills are easiest to clean if they are wiped up as soon as the stove top has cooled. Take a clean sponge or paper towel with plain water and wipe down the stove top. If there are stubborn stains they need to be worked on.

Step 3


Touch stains need to be soaked. You can use a combination of dish liquid and water or if you prefer a more green approach, white vinegar and water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. With a plastic scrape pad attempt to remove the stain. If it is touch, repeat.

Step 4

Mr Clean

The Mr Clean Eraser is great for removing spill, smudges and dullness on your glass cook top. Just wet it and rub away, it is non-abrasive.It is also non-abrasive on the cleaners hands.

Step 5


Finish up by using a cream cleaner designed especially for glass cook-tops. Apply in a circular motion and allow to dry. Wipe down with a soft cloth . By polishing the cook top it will have a shiny new look. This is the perfect way to keep your stove looking bright and new and stain free.

Things Needed
• Special cleaner for glass top stoves
• Plastic scraper
• Mr Clean eraser
• Dish liquid and water
• Baking soda
• Sponge or paper towel

Tips & Warnings
• Avoid using bleach, ammonia and abrasive cleaners
• Be careful not to scratch the glass


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