How to create a cozy and inviting outdoor setting

How to create a cozy and inviting outdoor setting

Tips for changing your outdoors into a welcoming summer spot for everyone

When you have an outside area where you wish to entertain, it should become inviting, cozy and attractive. There are so many ways to do this that you are bound to think of plenty more ideas to add to this list.

To make the area inviting you will need to think of comfort, colors, and casual. When you keep things casual enough, then people can relax there. Also cleanliness and creativity will be useful in making an outside setting that seduces your guests.


Step 1

Clean up

Clear the area of junk, trash, and anything that is an eyesore. It is a known fact that order and cleanliness make any area more calming and even some say it makes it cooler.

Step 2

Add living elements

Add whatever natural living elements you can to the area. If there is room for flower beds, some greenery, potted plants, whatever gives that peaceful natural feeling, do it.

Step 3

Use natural building materials

Use natural building materials to add elements or order to your setting such as stone edging, stone patio, low retaining walls or paths of flat stones. You can make the area very attractive with the use of stepping stones.

Step 4

Choose comfortable furniture

Once your setting is finished, add comfortable furniture. You usually will be relaxing if you are in that area, so everything you use as furniture should be simple and comfortable.

Step 5

Add vibrant colors

Now, try for some vibrant colors in cushions, umbrellas or extra pieces like side tables and plant stands. Don’t be afraid to use wild stripes, prints or strong floral in your fabric. Those fabrics may be too much in the house, but are perfect on the patio.

Step 6

Don’t spare color when setting a table

When setting the table use brightly colored plastic products. The most vibrant of colors and wild shapes and patterns make eating outside a joy. Use real napkins occasionally, candles, and real stemware. Don’t forget beverage coolers, and dispensers, and an oversized pitcher for refreshing drinks or Sangria.

Step 7

Grilling means a spotless grill

Make sure your grill is spotless and works well. Be prepared with extra briquettes or propane. Make yourself a table or spot to hold all your necessities while grilling so you need not continually run in and out.

Step 8

Unexpected grilled treats add atmosphere

Occasionally surprise your guests by preparing something unusual on the grill or adding a different element to your menu than usual such as grilled veggies, grilled fruit or making appetizers right on the grill.

Step 9

Decorate the area

If the occasion is a holiday, decorate the area accordingly. If the experience is just a grilling out, try adding d cor in the way of twinkling clear lights or paper Chinese lanterns. Add flowers or candles on the table.

Step 10

Make area multi-function

Make this area multi — purpose so you can curl up with a good book, take a summertime nap outside, or just enjoy conversation with the family. Some folks add outside lamps or a fire pit. A swing is wonderful for extra seating and adds an old fashioned element. Maybe you could add the large square pillow seating that is now popular .Adding a small fountain will produce the pleasure and tranquility that water seems to bring. Your patio, deck or outdoor setting might be just the right place to launch your bird watching hobby. Adding feeders and bird baths nearby can make interesting activity while enjoying the great outdoors. If you add a Hummingbird feeder or flowers that they love, you will be further entertained by these tiny jewels of the sky.

Things Needed
• A back yard
• Imagination
• Comfortable furniture
• Decorative elements like stepping stones, little lights or fountain
• Brightly colored tablewear

Tips & Warnings
• It is especially important that furniture is comfortable. Whenever possible avoid plastic or webbed furniture which cause you to stick to it.Also metal furniture if edges are sharp or it will get uncomfortably hot shouldn’t be used. If you must, add comfortable cushions.
• Remember clean grills and equipment add to pleasure but, also add to safety.Guests will not want to eat if anything looks too dirty or unsafe.


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