How to create a Tinkerbell kid’s room

How to create a Tinkerbell kid's room

Creating a Tinkerbell fantasy bedroom

One of the purest joys of having a little girl is getting the chance to transform her room into a magical realm. One where she will feel like the most loved and happiest little person on the planet. If for your little angel this means a Tinkerbell theme, there is no shortage of suggestions and Disney is the first to offer up suggestions. They have partnered with Behr and offer specific instructions, both on their website, and in just about any paint store.


Step 1

Clear everything out

The first thing to do is start with a clean slate. This means get rid of all the clutter and make sure that if you are going for a Tinker Bell look, you might want to remove all traces of Dora and Winnie the Poo.

No matter which approach you choose to take to arrive at your little girl’s dream room, a homogeneous look is important. It wouldn’t exactly look like a part of Tink’s world if My Little Pony has taken up residence.

Step 2

Walls, walls, walls

One of the most important, basic, and cheapest ways to decorate a room is through effective use of color. When it comes to anything Disney, this is unbelievably easy to do. For one thing, Disney has done all the work for you already.

What’s more, they have partnered with Home Depot and provided step-by-step instructions on exactly which colors to use, where, and how. Sure, they are trying to sell product and nobody is saying that you are obligated to do everything, or even close to everything they are suggesting. But, it is a fantastic place to start.

If you did decide to go the full gamut, they even provide you with details on creating the headboard for the bed. Still, with the right colors even the existing furniture will do the trick. It’s all in the walls.

Step 3

Lights, the ultimate accessory

To be sure, lighting fixtures can get expensive. However, there are deals out there. Also, before you ever get to the ceiling, think about the switch plate. These are widely available and do a great job of setting the tone.

Another great accessory that typically costs less than a ceiling fixture, and a lot easier to install, is the light for the night stand. These can get pricey but, with enough snooping there are deals to be found. Plus, you could always try to make one yourself.

Step 4

Wall stickers, the final touch

Modern innovations have brought us many useful things. Take for instance the toaster, indoor plumbing, etc. But, the essential for any parent’s tool kit is removable wall stickers. These things are fantastic. They are inexpensive, removable, re-positionable, will not damage your walls, and instantly transform any room into the the theme of your choice!

Step 5

Nice to haves

The final touch can be the linens. There is no shortage of themed bedding, especially from Disney. But, be warned this can get into the over-kill territory really quickly. The difference between a nice theme and something you’ll quickly tire of seeing is visual clutter.

The bed covering should tie the theme together and this can be done easily through the purchase of a Tinkerbell themed comforter. However, it can also be done by bringing together the various colors in the room.

A much better alternative to curtains and blankets smothered with multiple repeat images of our favorite Pixie Hallow resident is decorative pillows. Typically these have a large image of one of the faeries rather than a tiny army of green and yellow. They add a nice touch and can be easily repositioned throughout the room.

Things Needed
• Paint
• Tinkerbell themed removable wall stickers
• Tinkerbell switch plate cover
• Themed throw pillows

Tips & Warnings
• Decorating can easily become an expensive proposition, especially when you are trying to create your little girl’s dream room. Make sure to keep your budget in mind when making decisions.
• Remember that this will likely not be the last room transformation so be careful when committing to expensive, relatively permanent installments such as built-in window seats, canopies and crystal chandeliers.
• Avoid visual clutter such as theme printed bed and window coverings. They may have Tinkerbell all over them but, that doesn’t make them a good idea.


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