How to create a wall that looks like marble

How to create a wall that looks like marble

Faux marble is easily done with a rag and some paint

If you are looking for a way to dress up a wall, but you hate the repetition of wallpaper, try using a faux marble technique. With a rag or two and a little bit of paint, you can change a drab wall into something beautiful. The marble look works great in a kitchen or bathroom, and is wonderful for camouflaging the unevenness and cracks in old plaster.

Faux marble can be created to blend with any decor, and can tie several of your decorating colors together.


Step 1

Base coat

Paint the base coat with a neutral tone such as beige or grey.

Step 2

First ragged coat

After first coat is dry, dampen a rag, and dip part of it in the white or off white paint.

Tap on the walls in an uneven motion, overlapping and changing the shape of the rag as you go.

Step 3

Wash coat

Take a darker paint and wash a very thin coat unevenly over the entire wall with short strokes of the rag. Do not apply thickly. the other coats must show through.

Step 4

Markings coat

Use a darker paint to create markings in the marble. Dip the corner of the rag in the paint and drag or slap or dot on the wall with the rag.

Take another part of the rag and pull some of the paint away from the lines or dots of paint, creating streaks or rays of soft color.

Step 5

Step back and view your work. Does it lack definition? If so add more detail.

Does it look too busy? Try going over it with a light ragging in white or off white.

Is there an accessory going in the room that needs to be tied in? Add a bit of wash here and there using a thinned down version of that color.

It is finished when you are completely happy with the results.

Things Needed
• gallon of a neutral tone latex satin or semigloss paint for base coat
• quart white or off white paint
• pint of slightly darker color such as peach or brown
• pint of fairly dark color
• soft rags
• pail of water
• a pair of disposable surgical gloves

Tips & Warnings
• Paint a spare piece of wall board with some of the base paint, and try various techniques and combinations before proceeding with the wall.
• Mask around woodwork trim so you can work right up to it.
• Mask a border next to the ceiling for a beautifully finished look.
• Protect floor and furniture.
• wear gloves to keep your hands protected.
• Keep a pail of warm water in the room and rinse the rag whenever it gets tacky.
• Remember that white will dry duller, and dark colors will dry darker.
• Don’t worry about getting it even. Marble has variety.
• Have fun


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