How to decorate a bedroom in French country style

Making a bedroom look French country style

You may not have a chateau in the French countryside. However, there is no reason at all why you cannot follow the style of a French country home, and make the bedroom a place with a Continental feel. The French have a certain «Je ne sais quoi» when it comes to decoration, and certainly although the interiors may not intentionally give the impression of any particular kind of style, the French seem to be able to put furniture and furnishings together to create an ambiance like nowhere else on earth.


Step 1


Unlike walls found in city homes in France which are heavily wallpapered, the French country look is more casual. Walls are color washed in nice pale colors, and often you can create great atmosphere by using two colors on a wall, one to chair level and one above that level, dividing the areas with a wooden sculpted beading of moderate width. The walls need to be neutral in color, as most of the ambiance in a bedroom comes from the accessories, furniture and linens used in the creation of the whole picture. Think of the colors in nature, as these are often the colors used for walls. Pale in nature, the colors should be discreet, so that all the objects which are added have more purpose.

Step 2


If the room has beams, these can be painted in a light color, as these days this is very chic. The darker beams tend to be out of vogue, although lighter woods are still fashionable, and if your preference is for a wood finish, try to make this light in nature, rather than the old style of darker beams. If the ceiling is high, you will get away with wood finished beams, though if the ceilings are sloped, pale colors will give the impression of space.

Step 3

Bedclothes and curtains for the feminine look

The in style for bedrooms is to use those bedcovers which are traditional, rather than trying to introduce modern fabrics. Cotton cambric pillows and pure cotton sheets are traditional. Try to think French and decide on things which have that real look of authenticity, such as those shown on this picture. Curtains should be heavily gathered, and lined and match the bedding. Quilts in traditional French country style prints are superb for making the room look very feminine indeed, and can be matched off with scatter cushions and accessories, highlighting the main theme colors.

Step 4

Bedclothes and curtains for the more masculine look

If you look at the photograph in the introduction, you will see that the masculine French country style is achieved by the use of much plainer linen in darker tones. Similarly curtains would be in fabrics which are plain although the choice of color should contrast with the color chosen for the walls. The darker shades are those suited to a male orientated room, such as those shown in the introduction.

Step 5

Beds and furnishings

Beds in a wrought ironwork which have been painted in a pastel shade look wonderful. These give the real country feel. Chairs, similarly of wrought iron or more formal balloon backed chairs are great for a bedroom, and can be finished off with upholstery to match the main theme of the room.

Step 6

Accessories and decoration

The bedroom should have a wooden floor and sumptuous rugs. It also needs loads of accessories, such as porcelain washstand, with bowl and jug, and dried flowers. These come in wonderful shades and will add a little bit of character to the room.

Step 7


The lighting in a French country bedroom would be relatively dim. Choose wall lights, and lamps which really do look the part. Here install a dimmer switch to get the most out of the atmosphere’s possible within your bedroom and so that light can be adjusted for reading or dressing. Bedside lights are also popular in France and should be in a shade which contrasts wall colors, placed on bedside tables. For ambiance, add a candelabra, which is either wall hung or free standing.

Things Needed
• A flair for mix and match.
• A good eye for contrasting colors.
• Paints.
• Lighting.
• Furnishings.
• Linen.

Tips & Warnings
• Never overdo the decoration process. A French country bedroom is more a collection of casual things over a period of time than an arranged affair.
• Use good quality linen.
• Look for pictures which go with the character of the room.
• Add a great freestanding mirror and clothes stand.


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