How to decorate on a small budget

Add impact to your rooms with inexpensive decorating tips
When times are tough and the economy is not doing so well, most people try hard to eliminate or reduce excess, unnecessary spending. Still, the look of your apartment or house may need a lift. You can redecorate on a small budget, usually just by making small changes.

Decorating can surely make a difference when done on a large scale, but if that is out of the question financially, try some of these small ideas for a very big impact. Always keep in mind the style you are trying to achieve and coming up with pleasant color combinations.


Step 1

Change the color with paint

If you own your own home or are allowed to repaint ‘go for it.’ The biggest change for the least amount of money is painting. Changing a color in a room brings a whole new atmosphere to that living space.

Step 2

Rearranging furniture changes the entire room

A new look can be achieved just be rearranging the furniture. Try for conversation areas if you have lots of room and just move furniture around if you are short of space. Try putting something in a totally different place, changing the angle of the piece or using it differently. Adding a chest or buffet to a large living room area can really change the look.

Step 3

Look for interesting pillows

You can add outstanding pillows to your decor. Depending on your style, pillows can be jumbo ones for extra seating on the floor or a dainty grouping of lace embellished little ones to add a special touch. Select shapes and colors that stand out. This can still get costly, but not as much as replacing a sofa or chair. For great examples of pillows you can check out thrift stores.

Step 4

Jazz up your lampshades

Add special touches to your lampshades. For example, country d cor can always add a wrap of gingham ribbon to the shade. Victorian style and other fussier d cor would welcome some pretty lace accents on the shades. Don’t forget taking a plain white shade and sponge painting it. You can also just change color or style of shades, even complete lamps. Check antique stores for interesting one of a kind.

Step 5

Bare walls are not allowed

Add wall art to the room and you will see great results. Paintings, prints and other artwork can make a great display. Try arranging plates in holders, baskets, weavings or tapestries, kid’s school art or even antique clothing for a startling accent. Keep the colors suitable and the styles similar.

Step 6

Tables need objects on them

Add interesting objects to tables. You can frequently change your coffee table books, sculptures or figurines, candy dishes or coasters, whatever you like to keep on the tables.

Step 7

Make old furniture look like new

If you can’t afford new furniture; try adding a new fitted cover. They come in all sizes and styles and really look like you got something new. They also cover a world of sin if your furniture is looking worn, torn, or stained.

Step 8

Try new drape treatment

Drapes can also be a real investment. If new ones are not in the budget, try adding a different color sheer beneath them or even a new more decorative rod. Scarves can add a whole different look to your room when hung over existing drapes.

Step 9

Small rugs add a very nice touch

Small area or scatter rugs add immediate color and can introduce a new color or style into a more plain room. Runners can dress up a large bare space or hall.

Step 10

The little things do matter

Many small things can assist with adding more style to your room and a special feeling such as fragrance, potpourri, flowers, candles, lighting, candy in a dish, or anything that speaks loudly of your style and makes your house feel friendlier and warmer.

Things Needed
• Thrift shop, antique store, garage sale or flea market one of a kind finds
• A sense of style and color

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t choose cheap over style or the right color or you will be disappointed
• Condition is still important when buying used or second hand.


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