How to get a bug out of your ear

It can be really frightening to have a bug in an ear canal. But this is something which can be cured quite easily. The most important thing is to stay calm and get the bug out of there as soon as possible.


Step 1

Whether the bug is in your ear or in someone else’s ear you need to start by locating a flashlight or small lamp or clamplight which can be placed near the ear.

Step 2

Have the person lie down, if possible with the ear the bug is in up and the other unaffected ear down. If it is impossible to have the person lie down tell them to tip that ear up while they sit or stand.

Step 3

Now turn on the light and shine it into the ear canal. Don’t block off the ear canal with the light. Leave room for the bug to fly out of the ear.

Step 4

Since insects are naturally attracted to light a live insect will usually head towards the light and come out of the ear canal fairly quickly. Keep the person still until this happens.

Things Needed
• The ability to stay calm.
• A flashlight or other small portable light.
• A little patience
• A little time

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t let the situation upset you!
• Don’t try to dig the bug out with a finger or other object!
• Be as prompt as you can in handling the situation.
• Hold the light close to the ear but don’t block the way out for the bug!


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