How to make a deckchair cover

How to make a deckchair cover

Re-covering a deckchair

Re-covering a deckchair is a rewarding project because the results are so quick. Within a couple of hours you have a completely new chair.

Choose a heavy-weight fabric in a plain, print, stripe or theme to complement the area the chair will be used. If placed near a pool or near the sea-side perhaps you could use a nautical print. If used in the garden choose tones to blend or contrast with the flowers and foliage. For a more opulent look add a touch of antique lace, fringing or tassels to the back and front edge of the chair.

You are only limited by your imagination. After you have made the cover, give the frame a good scrub and paint it in a coordinating color.


Step 1

Remove and measure the old cover

Using a hammer, gently knock out the dowelling rods from the deckchair and remove the old cover. Lay the old cover on a flat surface and with a tape measure, measure its length and width to obtain the dimensions for the new cover.

Step 2

Cut out the fabric

Using a strong pair of scissors, cut out one piece of chosen fabric to the measured size , adding 1 1/2 inches (4cm) to the width to allow for hems and 7 inches (18cm) to the length for casings.

Step 3

Hem the edges

Turn under 3/8 inch (1cm) on each long edge of the deckchair fabric. Then turn under another 3/8 inch (1cm) to form a double hem. Pin, tack and stitch in place using a sewing machine. Use a heavy-duty sewing machine needle to make the job easier.

Step 4

Make the casings

To make the casings, turn under 3/8 inch (1cm) along each short edge and then turn under a further 3 1/8 inches (8cm). Pin, tack and stitch along the hemline close the hem edge to form the casings. Sew another row of stitching across the casing about 1/4 inch (6mm) above the first row. This will make the casing firmer and stronger.

Step 5

Add trim (optional)

If you decide to add some decorative edging cut the trim to the width of the deckchair and allow an extra 3/8 inch (1cm) on each side to turn under to neaten. Position a length of decorative trim over each hem of the casings. One near the top of the cover and another at the bottom, so the trim will overhang the edges of the deckchair enhancing the overall look.

Step 6

Replace the cover

Slot the dowelling rods, which were removed from the deckchair frame, through the new cover casings. Replace them, gluing the rods back into position.

Things Needed
• Heavy-weight cotton or strong fabric of choice.
• Lace or trim (optional)
• Tape measure
• Pins
• Scissors
• Matching thread
• Sewing machine
• Heavy-duty sewing machine needle
• Hammer
• Wood glue

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t leave tools and equipment lying around in reach of children.
• Make sure the sewing machine is switched off when not in use.
• Jazz up the deckchair by adding a decorative trim.


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