How to make a fountain on a brick wall

Add a nice water feature to home and garden

Up-lights in the actual water or on the textured brick wall adds a dramatic effect. Consider adding color lights for still further visual impact.

Things Needed
• Wall mounted fountain kit
• Masonry drill and bit
• 3 to 4 inch length of 1/2 inch metal dowel for hanging fountain
• Extra plastic tubing and fittings (if needed per your wall location)
• GFCI-electrical outlet nearby (Hint: conceal electrical cord from submersible pump in basin to outlet)
• Simple cut off switch for plug (If fountain kit does not have one)
• Rubber or cork spacers as appropriate for spacing fountain off of wall to conceal plastic tubing
• Adhesive for securing spacers to back side of fountain
• Shovel and box level for installing the ground level water basin

Tips & Warnings
• Ask home store for proper pump and fittings for your designed condition.
• Options: Use fountain with self-contained basin for recirculating water or use a ground level basin. If ground level, supply and drain tubing must be routed to lower basin and tubing placed so that it catches the overflow from fountain basin above. You can place rocks and gravel around lower basin to conceal basin and pump and allow for any overflow of upper basin at fountai also.
• Conceal all exposed tubing with vines, trellis or other materials.
• Be sure basin is watertight.
• Plug pump into an appropriate outdoor GFCI-electrical outlet.


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