How to make a hanging bird feeder

Attracting birds to your garden

There is nothing like looking out into your backyard or sitting in your garden watching the bird life come and go. Attracting bird life to your garden with this easy to make hanging bird feeder, is an inexpensive project and one that will give you enjoyment for a lifetime.

This hanging feeder will be a welcome and attractive addition to your garden and will provide a way for the birds to enjoy their treats away from the eyes of prying cats. Also, by encouraging bird life into your garden you will notice that insect and snailactivity will decrease. Small birds can also help with the pollination of blossoms rewarding you with bountiful fruit crops.

To make this hanging bird feeder just follow the instructions. You may even come up with your own designs for it.


Step 2

Measure and mark the drilling holes

With a tape measure, measure and mark with a pencil three points which are evenly spaced around the circumference of the lip of the dish.

Step 3

Drill the holes

Using a masonry bit, drill a hole in each of your marked points. The evenly spaced holes provide a balanced and secure platform for the birds to land on.

Step 5

Attaching the chain

Open and slide a split pin onto the end of each length of chain, then push a split pin through each hole from the inside of the dish to the outside. Bend the arms of each split pin at right angles to lock and prevent the chain from slipping away.

Step 6

Hang the feeder

The bird feeder is now evenly balanced and ready to hook up to a sheltered location. Choose a spot that is suitably protected and inaccessible for cats such as under a pergola. Fix the ceiling hook to the pergola or desired location and hang the dish.

Things Needed
• Large round shallow terracotta saucer
• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Drill and masonry bits
• Wire cutter
• Jack chain
• Zinc ceiling hooks
• Brass ceiling hook
• 3 Split pins

Tips & Warnings
• Always keep tools and materials away from children.
• Read the instructions of your project before beginning.
• Have all the necessary tools and materials ready at hand.
• Try and keep the seed fresh as wet seed can poison birds.
• One option is to drill a hole in the bottom of the dish to allow water to run off.
• You may like to use small scraps such as stale bread and fruit pieces.
• Seed mixes containing safflower or sunflower seeds attract large birds like cockatoos, which will frighten smaller birds away and potentially damage your garden.


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