How to make a scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow

Halloween scarecrow

One of the biggest traditions of the Halloween season is to erect a scarecrow somewhere in the yard. There are many retailers that supply factory made scarecrows for consumers to purchase so they won’t have to get creative to come up with one on their own.

Making a scarecrow isn’t difficult at all, and with just a little bit of creative genius anyone can create one using things most of us already have laying around the house. There may be one or two items you may have to run out to get, but the rest of them are sitting right under your nose.

So, what will it be? Scarry? Cute? Something in-between?

It’s your domain so you decide!


Step 1

Make the lower body

There are two different techniques that work equally well for the lower body of a scarecrow. The first technique is to stuff the pants fully with a lot of wheat straw. Once stuffed, just tie off the legs at the bottom to keep the wheat straw from falling out.

The second technique is to take that old pair of pantyhose you were about to throw out and stuff them with wheat straw. Stuff enough in the legs to make them firm, and then stuff the rest leaving you just enough slack to tie them shut at the top. Using this second technique is a little more difficult because you’re constantly fighting the tension of the panty hose, but in the the end result is the same.

Place a pair or shoes, boots, or whatever else you desire to complete the scarecrow’s feet, and secure them so they don’t fall off.

For those of you who would prefer a female scarecrow, and would rather use a dress, you can do that too by using the panty hose technique and securing the bottom half to the top half a little later on.

Step 2

Make the upper body

Take an old flannel shirt, another pair of pantie hose, sweatshirt, whatever else you have that can withstand the wheat straw and the weather, and stuff it completely with more wheat straw. Really stuff it good so it fills out like someone with a big, bulging chest, or just fill it out enough to look more like a girl’s upper torso.

If using a shirt, be sure you have a lot of straw coming out of the neck and wrists of the sleeves; remember that more is better. When you’re done with the wrists, tie them off with a good sturdy cord to hold everything together. If you want your scarecrow to look more lifelike, add a pair of gloves for the hands before tieing off the wrists.

If you’re filling out a second pair of pantie hose to use for the upper torso so you can put a dress on it, just stuff them enough to fill everything in good, but don’t forget to add a bra and stuff it too so it fills out nicely..

If you’re using pants and a shirt, stuff the lower half of the upper torso into the pants on the lower half of the body just as you would tuck your own shirt into your britches. Now take some old rope, an old belt, or whatever you want to use for a belt, and put it on the scarecrow to help hold both body halves together. If your intention is to stand it up, using suspenders will help hold everything together too.

If you’re putting a dress on it, tie the upper and lower halves together, and then sew in some string on each side to assist with holding it all together. Once attached, put on the dress and see how it looks.

Now then, isn’t that starting to look good?

Step 3

Put on the head

There are a number of ways you can make a head. You can use old pillow cases stuffed with wheat straw, and you can paint faces on them, draw faces on them with marker pens, stitch faces in them with needles and thread, or attach a plastic Halloween mask you like, be creative. A plastic Halloween pumpkin basket can make a wonderful head for a scarecrow, as can an old tee shirt with a face already imprinted on it. Stuff the tee shirt with weat straw, or a small old pillow you don’t mind ruining. Be creative!

When you have your head finished, run a long, sturdy pole down into the upper body leaving enough coming out the neck to secure the head to it. Take the head and place it on the pole, then stuff any fabric from it into the neck of the shirt and button it all the way up. If you use a plastic pumpkin candy basket for the head, put a hole in the bottom of it that’s big enough for your rod to go through so it will be held firmly in place.

No scarecrow is complete without a hat. Straw hats look best, but any old hat will do. You can secure it to the head by whatever means you have available to you. You can tie it to the head or stitch it to the head depending on what the scarecrow’s head is made of. Just make sure it’s secure enough so it won’t blow off in a strong wind when the ghouls and goblins come out to play.

Step 4

Put it where you want it

If you place your scarecrow out in the yard in a standing position, drive one or more poles into the ground and tie the scarecrow to them. Then, place a rake, shovel, or something else into its hands so it will look like it’s doing something.

You can also place three or more bundles of wheat straw in the yard, place the scarecrow on top of them in a sitting position, and then drive a sturdy pole into the top of the bale it’s sitting on so you can tie it to the pole to keep it upright.

Sit it in a chair on the front porch, or on top of the railing, or even on top of your house. Be creative in how you display it!

Things Needed
• One or two pairs of pantie hose.
• Old clothes.
• Anything for the head.
• Plastic mask for the face if you like.
• Gloves for hands if you like.
• Wheat straw.
• Old rope or cord for tying.
• Straw or other kind of hat.

Tips & Warnings
• You can make a head out of practically anything, a second pair of panty hose, a plastic halloween pumkin basket, some old pillow cases, etc.
• If standing it out in the yard, use a good stiff pole that can be driven into the ground.
• If you sit it on a railing, tie the head and body to a support post to secure it and keep it from falling off.


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    Newsome  03.11.2015 15:43

    Very helpful guide. Wish they celebrated Halloween where I live!

    Halligan  16.01.2016 22:39

    Kevin, we made cowboys to decorate our vintage trailer using the same method. It was great fun. Your guide is very helpful.

    Ackland  07.02.2016 14:05

    A very creative guide, Kevin. Congrats on the team work your wife and you put in. Real cool.

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