How to make a spice rack from old pill bottles

How to make a spice rack from old pill bottles

Create your own unique spice rack

A spice rack is essential in every kitchen. Yes, you can buy them just about anywhere, but then you have one that looks common because they are mass-produced. Did you know that it is very easy to create a very unique spice rack for your kitchen and help the environment at the same time?

Instead of throwing your old pill bottles in the trash, save them until you have enough to hold all your different herbs and spices. You can even collect them from your friends and family because they do have to be washed out really well before you can reuse them for this purpose.

These instructions are for a spice rack that holds eight bottles. You can adjust the length of the boards to make one that is larger or smaller.


Step 1

Make the rack

Using the wood you selected, cut two pieces that are 10 7/8 inches in length and two more measuring 4 1/4 inches in length.

Step 2

Mark out the holes

On one of the longer boards, mark the spaces for eight holes. The holes should measure 2 1/8 inches in diameter and a little less than 2 inches from the edges.

Measure twice to make sure that they are evenly placed.

Step 3

Cut out the holes and assemble the rack

Use a tool that cuts holes in wood, such as one for cutting out holes for door knobs, to bore the holes.

Assemble the rack with the board containing the holes on top, the other one for the bottom and the shorter pieces for the two sides. Glue the pieces in place and use a clamp to make sure they stay together.

Finishing nails are best for this project because they are short.

Stain or paint the wood to your preference.

Step 4

Adding in the pill bottles

Wash and dry the bottles making sure they are completely dry before you use them.

Fill each bottle with a different spice or dried herb and create a label to stick to the front.

Things Needed
• Length of 1 X 6 board in either pine, maple, oak or ash
• saw
• wood boring tool
• clamp to keep the pieces together
• glue
• finishing nails
• stain or paint
• pill bottles
• labels
• herbs and spices for the bottles

Tips & Warnings
• Glue the pieces of wood together first and use a clamp to keep them in place.
• Make sure the nails do not show through on the outside of the rack.


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